Your face turns red when you drink alcohol… You might get ‘this disease’

June 29, 2023 0 Comments

After going through Corona 19, there are many people who drink a lot and often at one time. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the안전놀이터 high-risk drinking rate last year was 12.6%, and the monthly drinking rate was 57.7%, both up from the previous year. Although outside activities were restricted, the balloon effect of enjoying ‘sake alone’ and ‘home drink’ appeared, and the reluctance to drink decreased as they showed drinking on video media such as TV and YouTube without filtering. The Korea Institute for Health Promotion analyzed the top 300 videos searched for ‘sulbang’ among YouTube contents, and as a result, 89.3% (268 cases) were exposed to drinking scenes.

However, excessive and binge drinking is a ‘time bomb for health’ that everyone acknowledges. If high-risk drinking continues, the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and various cancers increases, so we need to be alert. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the type of liquor, the amount of alcohol contained in one glass is approximately 8 to 12 g, according to a standard glass that fits like a soju glass and a bowl of makgeolli. Soju has the highest alcohol consumption at 6.7 cups per bottle, followed by makgeolli (4.8 cups), bottled beer (2.6 cups), and canned beer (1.4 cups). If the high-risk drinking standard (average of 7 drinks or more for men and 5 drinks or more for women at least twice a week) is applied, even if a woman drinks only one bottle of makgeolli, she is considered high-risk drinking.

The reason why high-risk drinking is dangerous is that, first, it causes problems with the digestive system. Repetitive drinking of large amounts of alcohol damages the liver, the ‘detoxification factory’ in the body, leading to liver diseases such as fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Once damaged, the liver does not recover naturally, and over time, the risk of alcoholic liver disease, heart disease, and cancer can increase. In addition to causing gastritis and gastric ulcers, there are not a few cases where the mucous membrane between the stomach and esophagus is torn when vomiting after drinking alcohol.

Second, it increases the risk of various metabolic syndromes. Manager Kim explained, “When alcohol is absorbed, it causes adult diseases by increasing the body’s inflammatory response and blood sugar.” In particular, it is known that people who blush after drinking alcohol have a high risk of developing metabolic syndrome, such as hypertension and diabetes, even with the same amount of alcohol, as the function of enzymes that decompose alcohol is reduced.

Finally, brain function damage. Manager Kim said, “Alcohol acts sensitively on the brain’s delusional system and cerebral cortex, causing problems in thinking functions such as memory, judgment, and attention.” Behaviors that have been controlled by this may manifest and cause social problems that harm others.”

For health, it is best not to drink alcohol. If you have no choice but to drink alcohol for social life, such as a company dinner, you should try to consume as much water as possible to prevent dehydration and delay the absorption of alcohol in the body. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, fish, seafood, seaweed, or fruits that help decompose alcohol, which are beneficial for regenerating damaged liver cells and brain nerve cells

‘Honjusul’ is forbidden. If you drink alone, it’s hard to figure out how much you’ve been drinking, and it’s hard for people around you, including your family, to notice your alcohol dependence. If you drink alcohol every day, liver cells can’t recover, so even a little alcohol later acts as ‘poison’. If you are on a diet or sweat a lot, you need to be more careful as the amount of water in your body decreases and alcohol-induced damage worsens.

Manager Kim Yu-mi said, “If you are a high-risk drinker, you need to check your drinking habits, and make an effort to set and control the number and amount of alcohol you drink yourself.” It’s the best way to protect myself and the people around me.”

“High-risk drinking affects more than 200 physical and mental diseases,” said Kim Yu-mi, head of Internal Medicine at Incheon Himchan General Hospital. did.

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