Yoo Jun-ha from Gangneung Jungang High School, who joined the professional soccer team after filming at Seoul National University

April 6, 2023 0 Comments

A Seoul National University student who joined a professional soccer team is drawing attention.

The main character is Yoo Jun-ha (22) from Gangneung Jungang High School. Having joined K-League 2 Gyeongnam FC this season, he started in the 2023 season K-League 2 round 5 away match against Kim Cheon held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 2nd and played for 30 minutes, stepping on the professional stage he dreamed of.

He was a hot topic even during his days at Gangneung Jungang High School. In the first year of middle school, he transferred to Jumunjin Middle School, a youth team of Gangwon FC, and entered Gangneung Jungang High School at the top while studying and living as a soccer player. He also showed off his soccer skills by being selected as the top scorer and the best player in the weekend league one after another.

In the end, in 2019, he finally passed the Department of Physical Education at Seoul National University’s College of Education through the comprehensive screening of the student department, becoming a Seoul National University student produced by Gangneung Central High School after 40 years.메이저사이트 It was ‘big news’ that not only alumni of the school, but also the local community were excited. In a phone interview with Dong-A Ilbo at the time, Yoo Jun-ha said, “I actually gave up my expectations at the time of the interview because there were many more difficult questions than I thought. there is a bar

Even after entering Seoul National University, he played an active role as a player for Nowon United in the K4 League, studying and soccer at the same time. Through joining Gyeongnam, he became a Seoul National University player who stepped on the professional soccer stage in 34 years after Hwang Bo-gwan in 1988 and Yangik in 1989. Coincidentally, his first professional coach, who grew up dreaming of becoming a soccer player in Gangwon-do, is Seol Gi-hyeon (from Jeongseon) from Gangwon-do.

In a recent interview with the domestic media, Yoo Jun-ha said, “My grade point average is A, but I will try to get an A+ in soccer. First of all, I will jump hard and survive as a pro. After that, I will challenge the national team like coach Seol Ki-hyun,” he said, revealing his determination to enter the professional stage.

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