“Worst summer performance”… Why did French daily newspapers criticize Blackpink’s performance?

September 4, 2023 0 Comments

A French daily newspaper is controversial because it evaluated Blackpink’s July encore performance as the worst performance among famous singers from around the world held in안전놀이터 France this summer. French daily newspaper Le Parisien reported on the 2nd (local time) that this selection was made as a result of its own evaluation of performances by famous singers held at the Stade De France

and La Defense Arena in Paris from May of this year to the end of last month . Before releasing the evaluation results, Le Parisien assumed, “Because it is an extremely subjective ranking, some people will be happy, some will be envious, and some will be unhappy.” Le Parisien mentioned the encore concert of Blackpink’s world tour concert ‘ BORN PINK ‘ held at Stade de France, a French stadium venue, on July 15th. At that time, a total of 55,000 audiences attended the performance. After the performance, local fans left favorable reviews, saying, “It was a very perfect show.” Le Parisien said about this performance, “Just because the audience filled the Stade de France did not mean there was a performance worthy of it.” In particular, at the end of the day’s performance, there was a ridiculous situation where one member left the stage for no reason and the three remaining members called out to the audience holding a specific placard, and criticized, “It was a show that did not live up to the popularity of these young Koreans.”

The member selected by Le Parisien is Jen. He stood on stage with other members and left, saying, “I’ll be back.” And three minutes later, he changed his black bottoms to white and appeared on stage again.

Le Parisien also pointed out that the video footage capturing Blackpink members during the performance was messy and the camera was not stable, which were also problems.

In addition, Le Parisien said, “There were too many intermissions (breaks between performances) and the rhythm was broken.”

Meanwhile, the best stage selected by Le Parisien was the performance by Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd held at the Stade de France last July. This media outlet evaluated that The Weeknd “presented the most perfect and bold performance of the summer” in all aspects, including stage setting and vocals.

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