Worried about the worst situation, the Football Association, if President Chung resigns, ‘administrative power evaporates’, if not, ‘tail cutting’

April 4, 2023 0 Comments

As Chung Mong-gyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, did not step down on his own after the “amnesty reversal” and did not show leadership to take responsibility by cracking down on the inside, the Korea Football Association was in a bigger problem.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 4th that the vice president and the board of directors resigned en masse. This started with the decision to pardon 100 former and current players who were disciplined for various misconduct through the board of directors on the 28th of last month. On the 31st of that month, the decision to withdraw the amnesty was made as the amnesty was heavily criticized both inside and outside the football world. However, criticism continued, and on the 3rd, Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk and Social Contribution Committee Chairman Cho Won-hee personally announced their intention to resign. On the 4th, the collective resignation of the board of directors followed.

It is as if the entire leadership of the Korea Football Association has disappeared. A large number of key personnel who lead various practical tasks of the Football Association by field are leaving. Representatives who are well-known externally are Executive Director Park Gyeong-hoon and National Team Power Enhancement Committee Chairman Michael Müller. There are concerns that there will be a serious administrative vacuum in all fields, from the Football Association’s support for national teams to youth policies.

Although it made a big mistake, it was withdrawn soon before the actual pardon was taken, so there was no need for the vice chairman and the board of directors to resign entirely. In this case, it is common for the chairman, who is symbolically the chief executive officer, to resign. On the 31st of last month, Chairman Chung read a statement expressing his apology at the time of the withdrawal of the pardon, but there was only an apology that was not easily understood and the one-sided position of the Football Association, but no explanation of countermeasures.

Amid reports and soccer fans’ speculation about who pushed for the pardon and the reason, the Football Association itself could have revealed the progress in detail and showed its will at midnight.스포츠토토 In general, it was expected that some measures would be taken, such as revealing who some of the executives who pushed for this pardon were, and leaving the Football Association together with Chairman Chung to come up with measures to prevent recurrence. However, even people who worked in various fields of Korean football were caught up in it and left one after another.

It is difficult to immediately supply and supply human resources that can fill such a manpower vacuum. There are even concerns about how long it will take to form the next head of the Korea Football Association.

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