Woori Card, an X-MAS event awaits fans of ‘Na Gyeong-bok, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Kim Ji-han, Namdaemun’

Christmas 2022 is coming. There is a marketing and Christmas special event that Woori Card has prepared for the 2022-23 season to ‘reach out to fans’.

The marketing point of Woori Card this season is to overcome difficult situations by ‘making it impossible’ and create a pleasant viewing environment and experience for fans.

Introducing the efforts prepared by Woori Card, such as supplementing the lack of F&B, skinship fan service with players that was suspended due to Corona 19, and products and events based on sophisticated FAN DATA analysis.

There is a first. it’s a uniform The special Christmas uniform ‘Christmas in Seoul’ presented by Woori Card in 2022 simultaneously captures the identity of Woori Card and its hometown, Seoul, as well as the image of a white Christmas. ‘SEOUL’ placed on the front of the uniform emphasizes that Woori Card is a professional volleyball team representing Seoul, the capital city, and depicts a snowy White Christmas against the backdrop of Seoul’s symbols ‘Namsan Seoul Tower’ and ‘Sungnyemun Gate’. expressed

In general, instead of the player’s name being marked on the back, the main attraction of Seoul will be marked and will appear in the home game on the 17th. Na Gyeong-bok is Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hwang Seung-bin is Seoul Forest, Oh Jae-seong is Bugak Skyway, Kim Young-joon is Children’s Grand Park, 안전놀이터 Song Hee-chae is Bongeunsa Temple, Jeong Seong-gyu is Seokchon Lake, Lee Sang-hyeon is Cheonggyecheon Stream, Park Jun-hyeok is Myeong-dong, Kim Dong-min is Bukchon Hanok Village, and Kim Ji-han is Namdaemun.

The second is the development of membership products based on Woori Card’s sophisticated FAN DATA analysis.

It is a season ticket-type product developed with the idea that it would be nice to provide parking tickets at Jangchung Gymnasium, where parking is inconvenient, and table seats on the first floor court where the players and game conditions are best seen throughout the season.

The first professional volleyball premium membership worth 2 million won was sold out immediately after its release, and a total of 500 BASIC membership products, including pre-sale benefits and reasonable prices, were sold, including the Christmas edition, ranking first among men’s divisions.

And if you go to Jangchung Gymnasium, there is a must-eat set. The biggest regret of the spectators visiting Jangchung Gymnasium is the food. Woori Card collaborated with Cafe Nicoffee on the 2nd floor to launch the menu of star Na Gyeong-bok. For 10,900 won, you can choose to receive 2 cups of Americano, a 3,000 won discount coupon for admission tickets, a Na Gyeong-bok photo card, or Dodram Spike Jerky.

It is being improved to increase the satisfaction of the audience with a new composition every month, and from December home games, 10 types of autographed photo cards by Na Kyung-bok can be selected and received for each game.

In addition, BOX seats, which were newly added this season, are seats made by covering BOX tables at both ends of each seat, which were not normally in high demand. Special events for players in each zone are prepared, and opportunities to have photo time with the players are given after the game.

Currently, the BOX seats, which accounted for 60% of each game, are sold out, and due to their popularity, the number of additional seats has been increased. In particular, the revisit rate is also increasing to obtain autographed photo cards provided every 3-6-9 seats.

Starting from the 2nd round, Na Gyeong-bok box seats were additionally installed at both ends of the center seats, and fun elements related to the progress of the game were combined with the seats to add to the fun of cheering. After winning the game, a group photo with Na Kyung-bok is in progress. Na Gyeong-bok’s sub ace Dodram Spike Jerky in the 1st episode, 2,000 won ticket discount ticket in the 2nd episode, and Na Gyeong-bok’s photo card in the 3rd episode.

At the entrance of the stadium on game days, the cheerleaders and cheerleaders hold a welcome event for the spectators. A brief interview and a promise of cheering for victory are provided, and the spectators are provided with an opportunity to high-five the player upon entering. Inside the stadium, announcer MC Issue runs a welcome event around the stands, providing passionate fans with an opportunity to participate in a high-five event.

When the game is won, announcer MC Issues in the hall receives questions from fans on the spot and conducts short interviews for the players on their way home from work, and the players can meet the fans directly and have skinship and photo time.

An official from Woori Card said, “We have prepared a lot of things this season to truly fill what fans want. We will show you skinship events with star players and marketing based on sophisticated FAN DATA analysis.”

Woori Card’s efforts to gather volleyball fans will continue.