“When it’s hot, blood vessels dilate”… Beware of ‘orthostatic hypotension’ in hypertensive patients

August 6, 2023 0 Comments

As the boiling heat wave continues, an analysis is being conducted 메이저사이트that if you are suffering from a chronic disease such as high blood pressure or heart disease, you should pay more attention to your health care. 

According to Kim Dae-hee, professor of cardiology at Asan Medical Center on the 5th, hypertensive patients should be careful of ‘orthostatic hypotension’, which causes dizziness when suddenly standing up in hot summer. 

When exposed to heat, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure decreases. If a hypertensive patient is taking a decompressor, a component of a vasodilator, it is easier to feel the symptoms of orthostatic hypotension or lowering blood pressure. When orthostatic hypotension occurs, fainting or subsequent falls may occur. 

Professor Kim explained, “It is good to refrain from outdoor activities for a long time when the high temperature and humid weather of 30 degrees or more continues for a long time.”

People with a history of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, heart failure patients with poor heart function, and people at high risk of cardiovascular disease are advised to avoid extreme heat. 

Excessive sweating from exposure to heat causes dehydration and reduces blood volume, which causes the heart to beat faster and harder to maintain blood pressure and supply blood throughout the body.

Dehydration also increases the risk of developing blood clots if the blood thickens. Hypovolemia may disrupt electrolyte balance and cause arrhythmias. 

You should also refrain from taking a quick cold shower after exercising. This is because blood vessels that dilate in hot weather suddenly constrict. As a result, the amount of blood going to the heart can be reduced and heart disease can be aggravated, and atherosclerotic plaques can suddenly rupture, resulting in acute myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest. 

If you feel chest pain or dizziness during exercise, fainting or shortness of breath, you must go to the hospital and get an accurate diagnosis. 

For people with heart disease, it is better to go out in the evening rather than in the morning or during the day. You might think it’s good to go out in the morning because it’s cool, but it’s because it can put the biggest strain on your heart.

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