Violent crime just 2km away from Sillim Station… ‘Special security policy’ proclamation colorless

August 17, 2023 0 Comments

Today (17th), the incident occurred about 2km away from Sillim Station, where there was a knife riot a month ago. Recently, as a series of horrific crimes followed and anxiety grew, the police declared special security activities for the first time and even mobilized armored vehicles in the city center.

Next is Reporter Bae Seong-jae.


The place where the crime took place was a mountain behind안전놀이터 the neighborhood where residents often went for exercise and walks.

This is the entrance to the mountain where the crime scene is located.

As you can see, because it is close to the residential area, it was also a walking trail frequented by nearby residents.

[Neighborhood residents: (Do you usually go for a walk here?) Yes, this neighborhood is perfect. It’s just right, and a lot of people from other neighborhoods come.]

The reaction was that they didn’t even think that a heinous crime would happen at both the time and place of the crime, around noon.

[Neighborhood residents: Young people in their 20s and 30s go a lot. dragging the dog The elderly also go a lot in the morning and also in the evening.]

Last month, it is about 2km in a straight line from Sillim Station, where there was a riot with Korean weapons.

Residents could not hide their embarrassment when another heinous violent crime occurred in the neighborhood.

[Neighborhood residents: I can’t go because I’m scared alone. I’m going to meet my dog… . What’s happening.]

Some residents said that going to the mountain would not be easy in the future.

[Neighborhood residents: (My wife) was scared to go alone, so we went together at night after the sun went down. I can’t go, now.]

There was also an order to increase the number of police patrols.

[Neighborhood residents: I wish there were a lot of police in places like this. You go, but I don’t think you go this far… .]

The police have strengthened inspections and searches in major areas by declaring a special security activity for the first time in history, but residents’ anxiety is growing as indiscriminate crimes have raised their heads again.

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