Typhoon ‘Kanun’ turned west… Driving water bombs through the metropolitan area

August 10, 2023 0 Comments

Typhoon ‘Kanun’ is strong, but moves slowly like a ‘big turtle’ and is expected to bring strong rain and wind. It is expected to land on the southern coast the day after tomorrow (10th), but as the path turns westward, the center of the typhoon is expected to pass directly through the metropolitan area.

First of all, this is reporter Hwang Ye-rin.


The trees are reeling, and the waves are raging.

Typhoon Kanun is currently approaching Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

Kanun will pass the western sea of ​​Japan tomorrow and land on the southern coast around 9:00 the next morning.

However, the path of the typhoon is slightly different from yesterday.

The central axis has moved about 50 km to the west.

[Woo Jin-gyu/Meteorological Agency notification officer: 안전놀이터Depending on the strength of the edge of the North Pacific high pressure extending from the right, it tended to move westward, and there will be no significant change from its current location.] In this way, the center of Kanun will pass exactly through the metropolitan area


The wind around the typhoon blows counterclockwise, and the right side of the center is stronger than the left side.

Because of this, it may have a greater impact on the interior of the Korean Peninsula.

The National Weather Service explains that there is no safe area as Kanun has a wind radius of up to 350 km.

Accordingly, the Korea Meteorological Administration plans to issue a typhoon warning tomorrow afternoon, starting with Jeju Island and the Namhae region.

It is expected that strong winds of up to 40m per second will blow in the center of the southern sea area.

Heavy rain is expected.

For three days from tomorrow, it will rain up to 600mm or more in Yeongdong, Gangwon-do, and more than 80 to 120mm in the metropolitan area, Gangwon-do Yeongseo, and Chungbuk.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Lan, the 7th, occurred in southern Japan this morning, and it is still unclear whether it will affect Korea.

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