Triple A home run king’s unexpected charm… Frenzied sprint that put KIA in despair ‘American football playing law’

June 19, 2023 0 Comments

It was a frantic run that drove KIA into despair.

Gwangju KIA Champions Field on the 18th. NC foreign hitter Jason Martin scored a right-handed hit against Yang Hyeon-jong in the first inning with no runners and two outs, leading 1-0. However, Chun Jae-hwan’s first-class hit went around second and third base and dug into the home. The first decision was out.토토꽁포인트

Then NC coach Kang In-kwon requested a video review, and the result was dramatically overturned. SBS Sports commentator Lee Sun-cheol, who relayed the game, also laughed and said, “If you are out, you are reckless running.” As a result, this score was quite significant. Without this score, it would not have been a draw, but KIA’s victory.

Although Cheon Jae-hwan’s batted ball flew to a deep spot, it was a ball that KIA right fielder Lee Woo-seong could cope with comfortably. Ordinary runners would expect to advance from 1st to 3rd base. However, when Martin strode around third base to avoid catcher Shin Beom-soo’s tag and swept the home plate with his hand, the KIA Champions Field was buzzing. First baseman Choi Won-jun, who made the cutoff, benefited from a slightly higher home throw, but basically Martin’s run was explosive.

As it turns out, Martin showed reckless running on the 17th as well. In the top of the 3rd inning with a 2-0 lead, he lightly pulled Yoon Young-chul’s fastball in the middle of the first base and delivered a long hit that cut through the middle right. The hitting speed was fast, and the response of the KIA defenders was not bad. Nevertheless, Martin went around second base with ease and occupied third base. I didn’t even look at the signal from third base coach Lee Jong-wook and ran all the way to third base.

Commentator Lee Soon-chul said, “Martin’s stride is quite wide compared to his height.” In fact, Martin’s height is 175 cm according to the KBO website. He is small at first glance. However, compared to the movement of his upper body, his lower body feels quite diligent. And his thigh muscles are at a considerable level. He runs with strides, and the turns are smooth too.꽁머니

He is from Triple A home run king in 2022, but as it turns out, he is the number 4 hitter who runs very well. In June, the feeling of hitting is quite good, but even running base is at a high level, so for NC, you can’t help but laugh when you see Martin. Since then, foreign batters have been farming well.

It turns out that Martin played football alongside baseball until high school. His state law itself has the feel of an American football player. An NC official said, “He is also using the state laws he learned while playing American football when playing baseball.” He has a great anti-war charm.

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