Transportation costs are rising. Should I ride an electric bike? Kickboard companies also enter the market

September 8, 2023 0 Comments

Samchully, electric bicycle sales triple
, Alton Sports increases orders by 81% in the first half of the year
Kickboard companies such as Kickgoing and The Swing also

enter the market As public transportation fares such as buses and subways rise, the number of consumers looking for electric bicycles is increasing. As the number of people looking for electric bicycles increases, not only existing bicycle companies but also electric kickboard companies are entering the market.

According to the industry on the 8th, Samchully Bicycle’s electric bicycle sales last year increased more than three times compared to 2019. Sales of ‘lifestyle electric bicycles’ specialized for urban driving increased by more than 10% in the first half of this year compared to the first half of last year.

Lifestyle electric bicycles can travel up to 220 km on a single charge. It can be used for everything from commuting to work, cargo transportation, and delivery. Thanks to sales growth, Samchully 메이저사이트Bicycles plans to increase the number of electric bicycle products to 14 types this year and expand its lineup exclusively for pedal assist systems ( PAS, a method powered by pedals and electric motors) that can be ridden without a driver’s license.

Alton Sports is also increasing its orders for electric bicycles. Alton Sports signed a supply contract with Kakao Mobility in 2019 and is supplying electric bicycles. According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure system, as of the end of June this year, Alton Sports’ total electric bicycle orders were 16.775 billion won, an 81.1% increase from a year ago (9.263 billion won).

The prices of electric bicycles sold on the market range from the 400,000 won range to the late 2 million won range. Like electronic products, it can be charged at home and can travel about 80 to 200 km on a single charge. You can climb uphill with ease, and waterproof products have recently been released.

Companies that provide electric kickboard sharing services are also offering electric bicycle-related services. Olulo, which operates the personal mobility device ( PM ) sharing service ‘Kickgoing,’ introduced an electric bicycle sharing service in July of last year. Shared kickboard company ‘The Swing’ opened a pop-up store in Seongsu-dong with premium electric bicycle brand ‘Voltaire’ on the 5th. G-Bike, which operates the kickboard sharing service platform ‘Ziku’, also launched an electric bicycle sharing service on the 6th.

This coming October, public transportation fares in Seoul, Busan, and Incheon will rise one after another. Seoul City decided to increase subway fares by 150 won, and Busan Metropolitan City will increase bus and urban rail fares by 350 won and 300 won, respectively. Incheon will also increase bus fares by 360 won and subway fares by 150 won.

An industry insider said, “Electric bicycles are attracting attention as an eco-friendly future means of transportation that will replace public transportation. “As they are gaining popularity among general consumers, we expect the electric bicycle market to continue to grow,” he said.

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