“Today’s tickets are already sold out” Lotte blast from resignation, the whole KBO is excited

May 20, 2023 0 Comments

On Saturday, the 20th, Sajik Stadium tickets were sold out early. The whole KBO league is excited by the sudden blast.

The Lotte Giants will face off against SSG Landers at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 20th. It is a matchup that fans are interested in. The face-to-face confrontation between Lotte and SSG, also called the ‘Distribution Battle’, is also a confrontation between the top teams competing for first and second place.

On the 19th, the first day of the weekend three-game series, Lotte regained the top spot by beating SSG 7-5. On this Friday, too, Sajik Stadium was filled with 19,011 spectators.

The game on the 20th, which starts at 5 pm on Saturday, is sold out early. The 22,990-seat spectators are expected to be full without any empty seats. Even on the Lotte Giants official booking site, there are no empty seats for the game on the 20th, so it is impossible to choose.

Lotte prepared a special uniform presentation event on the 20th for the weekend home game. It is believed that ticket sales are also affected by the uniform presentation event, but interest in the game itself is already hot for that. More than 19,000 spectators gathered on the 19th, and there are only about 1,000 tickets left in Gyeonggi-do on Sunday, the 21st.

Lotte’s team performance this season is good, so spectators are gathering at Sajik Stadium. It is an undeniable fact. In the meantime, when the team’s performance is not good, they are cold-hearted fans, but when the team’s performance is good, a large crowd gathers to the extent that the entire Sajik-dong is excited.

Lotte boasts strong ticket power not only at home, but also in the metropolitan area. More than 10,000 spectators steadily gathered in Suwon’s three consecutive matches on the weekends of the 12th and 14th, and the proportion of away fans was quite high.토스카지노

Thanks to the promotion of teams with box office power such as Lotte, LG, and KIA, the KBO League’s box office is also positively affected. The KBO League is likely to break through 2 million spectators on the 20th.

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