‘Three people are too good!’ Bench clearing on successive sand dunes, coach pointing out the cause, “I just went to stop it” and explained

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

Bench clearing occurred in the match between Yokohama DeNA Baystars and Yakult Swallows. 

Yokohama won 5-3 against Yakult held at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on the 21st. Yokohama won the game, but couldn’t laugh happily. This is because the bench clearing eventually occurred as the main players were hit by the ball one after another. 

The game, which had been quiet until the 5th inning, turned violent in the 6th inning when Shugo Maki got on base with a hit ball. In the 7th inning, Keita Sano was hit by a ball, followed by a ball to Toshiro Miyazaki in the side, eventually exploding discontent. Miyazaki expressed his dissatisfaction with Yakult, and Sekine Taiki also came out to protest against the pitcher. Yakult third baseman Murakami Munetaka stopped Sekine, but eventually all players came out to the ground and the bench cleared. 

Players from both teams scuffled with Goseong, but luckily it didn’t turn into a big fight and the situation was settled in a matter of minutes.

Japanese media Nikkan Sports said, “The situation just before the scuffle took place in Yokohama. Maki in the 6th inning and Sano in the 7th inning were hit by sand dunes, and as Miyazaki was also hit by the ball, the ground became hot.” Shingo Takatsu, director of Yakult, said, “It was not intentional. I feel sorry, but it is a result that can come out if you pitch aggressively in the world of competition.” 

Some fans pointed out that the clearing of the bench was due to Yakult defensive coach Ryosuke Morioka. Daily Sports, a Japanese media, said, “There is a claim among fans that Coach Morioka was at the center of the bench clearing. In response,토토사이트 coach Morioka directly explained through Instagram.” 

Coach Morioka said about the ball hitting his body three times, “It is natural for the opposing team to get angry. However, he did not say a word to offend the opponent. I just went out to dry things out. I don’t know how many people will understand me, but I will continue to work hard for the team and players.” 

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