Thousands of credit cards… Coach Day1 went to the construction site to buy food for the players

June 17, 2023 0 Comments

 Goyang Day One, a professional basketball team that made a calm impression by reaching the semifinals in the ‘Spring Basketball’ playoffs despite a difficult club environment, has disappeared into history.

Through an extraordinary general meeting on the 16th, KBL judged that there was a serious flaw in the management ability of the Day One club, and decided to expel it.

Founded last year by taking over Orion in Goyang, Day One has not been able to pay its players, staff wages, and subcontractors for several months. couldn’t solve it in the end.

According to Article 12 of the Articles of Incorporation, if it is recognized that it does not have the ability to run a club, the club can be expelled with a vote of 75% or more at the general meeting after deliberation by the board of directors.

First of all, KBL decided to pay the wages of the players after June 1st, considering the situation where they are suffering from living difficulties, and to recover them in an appropriate way in the future. At the same time, it was decided to borrow an emergency living fund.

Coaching staff, including coach Kim Seung-gi, are not applicable.

According to the basketball world, the coaching staff was overpaid ahead of the players. They say it’s been over 6 months. Some coaches have tens of thousands of won in credit card debt in addition to wages they did not receive because they paid for overseas business trips and team meals with their personal cards first.

In the midst of this, coach Son Chang-hwan worked as a day laborer at a construction site after the season was introduced by an acquaintance.

Coach Sohn said, “There are players enlisting in the military, but the club’s situation is not good, so no one paid attention. I tried to send them off with food, but I couldn’t afford it because I didn’t get paid. So I went out to work for a while.”

Park Jin-cheol and Cho Han-jin knew that Coach Sohn had earned money through a ‘part-time job’, so they said they didn’t eat and just enlisted, as if they were uncomfortable.

Coach Son, who left Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation with coach Kim last year and served as the first coach of Day One, said, “Me, coach, and coach Sohn (Kyu-Wan) are next. First of all, I hope that all problems will be resolved well, starting with the players.” .

Coach Kim, who said from the beginning of this month, “Now I’m trying to clear my mind,” said, “There is nothing more to say about the damages such as not receiving salaries. The future is important. I just hope that a company will take over the club. Basketball is popular. In a situation where the 9th team is on the rise, it will regress again,” he said. “I am satisfied that we have shown a lot of our abilities over the past five months. I want to continue to show such basketball in the future,” he emphasized.스포츠토토

KBL said, “We have decided to protect all 18 players from Day One. Considering that the city of Busan has strongly expressed its intention to attract a men’s professional basketball team, we will actively discuss follow-up plans with the city of Busan, including finding a new acquisition company.”

If a takeover alternative is not prepared, 18 players will be scattered to the remaining 9 clubs through a special draft on the 21st of next month (provisional),

The future of club staff is also uncertain. This is because even if a subject appears to miraculously take over the team by the 21st of next month, it is another matter to hire and take over all employees. Several people are on the brink of unemployment.

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