“The right-hander is still number one… You can’t even break the under?” Yang Hyeon-jong won 160 wins and the king of many wins, a conversation with a different level

April 24, 2023 0 Comments

When Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA), a pitcher representing the KBO league, won 160 personal wins a while ago, the authorities with the most wins all mobilized and had a conversation of a different quality. 

Yang Hyeon-jong started against Gwangju SSG on the 22nd and became a winning pitcher with 5 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run, and reported his first win of the season. It was the moment when Song Jin-woo (210 wins) and Jung Min-cheol (161 wins) stepped on the height of 160 wins in his personal career for the third time in history. In the 2007 rookie draft, Yang Hyeon-jong, who was nominated in the first round of the second round of the KIA, achieved a record of 160 wins in 458 games. 

KT coach Kang-Cheol Lee, whom we met at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 23rd, welcomed Yang Hyeon-jong’s 160 wins more than anyone else. The four-character idiom that best expresses the relationship between Lee Kang-cheol and Yang Hyeon-jong is Cheongchuleoram. Coach Lee stood tall as the team’s legendary pitcher, writing various records such as 152 wins and 1751 strikeouts for the Tigers during his active career, but over the years, Yang Hyeon-jong changed his records such as many wins (160 wins) and strikeouts (1835). He cleaned up and became a better disciple than his master. 

As a professional player, it is not very welcome to see his own record broken, but coach Lee has always congratulated his pupil on achieving his record. This is because breaking records means the development of professional baseball. In addition, the special heart toward the disciple is also included in the congratulatory message. On this day, too, Director Lee welcomed the disciple’s great record with a smile, saying, “Please tell (Yang Hyeon-jong) congratulations.”

Coincidentally, there was another multi-win legend, Jeong Min-cheol, MBC Sports Plus commentator, at the interview that day. After sending a congratulatory message to Yang Hyeon-jong, coach Lee suddenly looked at Commissioner Jeong and asked with a smile, “How many wins do you have left?” Asked about the difference in the total number of multipliers between Hyunjong Yang and Commissioner Jeong. In response, Commissioner Jeong said, “I now have one more win. But it looks like it will break soon.” 

The elegant conversation between the two legends continued. Commissioner Jeong said, “Still, I am still number one among right-handed pitchers. When I said, “I think this will last a while,” Lee said, “Then I will go with the underhand as well. Perhaps the record for the most wins in the under is hard to break easily, right?” 토토사이트

Among active right-handed pitchers in the KBO League, the pitcher with the most wins is Song Eun-beom of LG, who is recording 88 wins. Also, among the submarine pitchers, the pitcher with the most wins is Samsung Woo Kyu-min (79 wins). The two legends, Lee Kang-cheol and Jeong Min-cheol, seem to be able to maintain an unrivaled position in the submarine and right-handed pitching world for quite some time. 

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