The opinion of the 10 teams is tight… Is there a ‘Monday game in August’ to cancel 36 games?

July 3, 2023 0 Comments

Monday is a ‘red day’ for professional baseball officials. However, it is also an ’emergency exit’ that can resolve delayed schedules in the event of an increase in rainy weather. There is a possibility that the ‘Monday game’ of this year’s regular season, which has an exceptionally large number of games canceled due to rain, will be implemented.

10 professional baseball teams recently reviewed scheduling a Monday game in the event of a weekend series cancellation through the KBO Executive Committee. Each club gathered the thoughts of the field officials and organized the overall opinion, but the position of each club was said to be tense.

The Monday match schedule has often been in the past. Last year, it was decided to organize the game on Monday, assuming that there will be a canceled game during the weekend series, entering the remaining game schedule in September.

This season, the game schedule has become a little more urgent안전놀이터. According to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), 16 games were canceled due to rain as of the end of June last year, but 36 games were canceled this year as of the same point. The number of canceled matches increased by 20 compared to last year.

Accordingly, the KBO is actively considering organizing Monday games under the same conditions even in July and August, just before the remaining game schedule begins.

A club official said, “If we don’t play on Monday, we may have to play a doubleheader later. Perhaps because of that, there is not an atmosphere of unconditional opposition even on the field,” he said.

Whether or not Monday’s games will be scheduled and when they will be scheduled will likely change depending on whether or not games canceled due to rain in early and mid-July increase. This is because if the number of canceled games increases rapidly due to the influence of the rainy season, the selection of Monday’s games may be out of the question. For now, it is expected that the direction of whether or not to organize the game on Monday will be set before July 21, when the schedule for the second half begins at the latest.

This year is also a season with more schedule pressure. After October 7, when the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball ended, the schedule for the second half of the year was scheduled, such as sending KBO league players to the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) held at Tokyo Dome in Japan from November 16 as a procedure to enter the postseason schedule with a few days to spare. packed

It is a season with many variables, such as deciding to continue the season during the Asian Games, when the main players of each team are selected. Whether or not Monday’s game is scheduled early can also be a variable.

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