The end of Messi’s era, ‘Pep’s era’ has arrived

June 11, 2023 0 Comments

 Over the past 10 years, European football has been the ‘era of Messi’.

Lionel Messi dominated European football and was revered as the god of football. Winning all competitions and setting new scoring records, numerous top scorers and 7 Ballon d’Or. Messi’s era was beautiful, and Messi became the greatest player in the history of world football.

At the end of this season, Messi’s era has come to a complete end. Messi left Barcelona with everything he had in 2021. He continued his European life after transferring to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He also competed in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).먹튀검증

And Messi is leaving Europe at the end of this season. he goes to America It is a signal that announces the complete end of Messi’s era in Europe.

Coincidentally, when it was confirmed that Messi was leaving Europe, another era came. It is the ‘Era of Pep’. The era of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City manager has arrived.

Man City won 1-0 against Inter Milan in the 2022-23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) final match held at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on the 11th.

It is the first UCL win in Man City club history. And this is the first treble. Manchester City completed the treble by winning the UCL by adding the English Premier League and FA Cup victories. It is England’s second treble since Manchester United in 1999.

Guardiola won the second treble in his career and went down in history as the first coach in European football history to achieve the treble twice.

And above all, what makes this UCL win meaningful to Guardiola is that it is the first UCL win without Messi. Guardiola’s previous two UCLs were all wins with Messi, the best player in the world, in his prime. It was the same in both 2009 and 2011.

The star of those two victories was Messi, not Pep. There was a strong perception that it was a work created by Messi with absolute ability. Coach Guardiola only helps from the sidelines.

This view has been further strengthened because, after Guardiola left Barcelona in 2013, that is, after parting with Messi, he has never won the UCL title. Neither Bayern Munich nor Manchester City reached the top of the UCL. So people called Guardiola ‘a manager who can’t win the UCL without Messi’.

After 12 years of fighting this gaze, Guardiola finally announced an official farewell to Messi. He proved that even without Messi he could win the UCL title. Now, Guardiola begins his fight to become the best manager in the history of world football, not Messi. His rivals are legendary coaches who have made a mark in the history of world football. Just like Messi competed against Pele and Diego Maradona.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ evaluated, “Guardiola has risen to become one of the greatest managers in the history of world football as he achieved his second treble.”

Jonathan Woodgate, former member of the England national team, said: “Today it was confirmed that Guardiola is the best in the world. He changed the way we look at football. A phenomenal leader,” he admired.

After the victory was confirmed, Guardiola said: “I’m tired. Winning is too hard. I don’t have the energy to think. It’s impossible. I need a break.”

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