‘Suwon Refrigerator Infant’ father denies collusion… “I don’t even know I’m pregnant”

September 11, 2023 0 Comments

The biological father of the ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body’ case메이저사이트, who was investigated by the police on charges of aiding and abetting infanticide and then sent back, denied all allegations of complicity in the crime in court.

The Suwon District Court today (11th) held a trial for Ms. Go, a biological mother in her 20s, who is accused of murdering two infants and abandoning their bodies in a refrigerator, and her husband conducted a witness examination against Ms. Mo.

When asked by the prosecution whether he had conspired with Go in advance to commit the crime, Mr. Lee answered that he did not know that Go was pregnant in 2018, when the first crime was committed, and that he thought she had had an abortion when she committed the second crime the following year.

At the same time, he said that he felt responsible for not having any more children after the third child due to financial difficulties, but failing to use contraception, causing Goh to suffer postpartum depression and virtually neglecting her two children, even killing them.

Previously, in November 2018 and November of the following year, Mr. Ko was arrested and indicted on charges of killing her female infant and male infant a day after giving birth due to her hardships and then hiding her body in the refrigerator at his home.

Prosecutors are continuing their investigation into Mr. Lee, leaving open the possibility that his biological father conspired with him or assisted him in the crime.

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