‘Spokesperson’ Lee Dong-gwan’s transcendent influence… Proposal for appointment and nomination of the prosecutor general

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When Lee Dong-gwan, the candidate for the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, served as the spokesman for the Blue House of the Lee Myung-bak administration, it was confirmed that the spokesperson’s office even presented a plan to collect reviews on the candidate for the prosecutor general and respond to the election of members of the National Assembly. This is a point where it can be seen that Spokesman Lee Dong-gwan exercised influence over state affairs beyond the scope of his normal duties.

According to the data obtained by Min Hyeong-bae and Democratic Party lawmaker’s office on the 16th, the spokesperson’s office Lee Dong-gwan made and reported on July 13, 2009, a document titled ‘Chun Seong-gwan Related Prosecutors’ Office/Party Reporter Response’. This document contains opinions about the candidate for Prosecutor General Cheon Seong-gwan collected from reporters. It is unusual for the Blue House Spokesperson’s토토사이트 office to directly collect public opinion on a specific public official and make it into data. This document, which former President Lee Myung-bak had kept separately, was found in 2018 at the Yeongpo Building in Seocho-gu, Seoul by the prosecution investigating the suspicion of the actual owner of DAS .

At the time this document was written, Candidate Chun had been nominated as the first candidate for Prosecutor General under the Lee Myung-bak administration, but was under pressure from the opposition party and civic groups to resign as allegations of sponsorship were raised. The Blue House spokesperson’s office said that this was the reaction of reporters at the prosecution, and in the document, “If you hold on for 1-2 days, you will be able to catch the strand, but if additional facts break out, there are many points out that replacement is inevitable.” It is pointed out that it is unpredictable because there are many secrets and there are many secrets.”

In addition, “VIP ( VIP ·Former President Lee Myung-bak) Concerned that the recent image transformation, such as the 33 billion won donation and the pro-commoner policy, may blow away all at once.” I pointed out that there is,” etc. The reaction of reporters who entered the Blue House (Chunchugwan) was also included. Almost all of them are negative.

The reaction of reporters from the opposition party (Democratic Party), who took the lead in raising suspicions through the personnel hearing, was also included. It included details such as the fact that a certain opposition party lawmaker is using his aides to raise additional suspicions against Prosecutor General Chun, and the opposition party’s personnel hearing strategy. Candidate Chun expressed his sudden resignation the evening after the document was written.

In the document ‘Analysis of Weekly Major Media Reports’ dated March 15, 2008 obtained by the office of the Democratic Party of Korea, Jung-Moon Lee, the Office of the Spokesperson said in the ‘Related to nominations for the Grand National Party’, “It is necessary to accurately grasp the trend of public sentiment according to the running of the (nomination) dropout, and it is necessary to It is necessary to devise appropriate personnel measures that can cause him to collapse,” he wrote. He suggested that the Blue House should set up separate seats for ruling party figures who were not nominated to run as independents after leaving the party.

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