‘Southeast Asia World Cup’, a feast for Korean commanders

“It is true that coach Shin Tae-yong upgraded the level of Indonesian soccer, but we can win.” (Vietnamese soccer team coach Park Hang-seo

) . Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo and Indonesia coach Shin Tae-yong will face off, and Malaysia coach Kim Pan-gon will also challenge for the championship.

Vietnam won 3-0 in the home game against Myanmar in the final 4th game of Group B of the 2022 Mitsubishi Cup group stage held at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam on the night of the 3rd. Vietnam, who accumulated 10 points with 3 wins and 1 draw, advanced to the semifinals as Group B 1st place and faced Indonesia, who first arrived in the semifinals as Group A 2nd place (3 wins and 1 draw).

In this tournament, where 10 teams were divided into two groups and played the group stage, the first and second place in each group advance to the semifinals and compete for the final tickets home-and-away. The first leg of the semifinals between Vietnam and Indonesia will be held in Indonesia on the 6th.

Malaysia (3 wins and 1 loss) also defeated Singapore 안전놀이터 (2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss) 4-1 in the ‘guillotine match’, where the 2nd place in Group B was on the line, and dramatically joined the semifinals. In the semifinals, they faced Thailand, who ranked 1st in Group A (3 wins, 1 draw) led by King. The away game on the 7th will be the first game.

After Park took office in 2018, Vietnam’s football was on the rise, and a craze for Korean leaders blew in Southeast Asia. Riding on this wind, coach Shin has been training Indonesian football since 2020, and coach Kim has been training Malaysian football since last year. The 2018 tournament champion, Vietnam, is aiming for its third championship, the 2020 runner-up Indonesia’s first championship, and the 2010 champion Malaysia’s second championship ever.

Coach Park, who opened an era of success by bringing Vietnam to the top of the tournament in 10 years, ends his five-year partnership with Vietnam with this tournament. Coach Park, who is trying to decorate the ‘Last Dance’ with the championship cup, said, “I haven’t lost to Indonesia once since I came. It is true that it is not an easy opponent, but we can win.”

Coach Kim, who is facing Thailand, the team that won the tournament the most (six times) and defending champion, said, “Our players have tremendous potential. I hope you will do your best in the next step.”