Signs of ground subsidence again in front of Gangnam Eonju Station intersection… temporary road closure

September 19, 2023 0 Comments

Signs of land sinking were detected again near Eonju Station in Gangnam, Seoul, where land sinking occurred a week ago, and the road was closed for a time, causing major congestion.
This time it was in the opposite lane.
It appeared as if the asphalt had become soft and caved in, and citizens안전놀이터 responded with anxiety.
Reporter Lee Si-yeol reports.

【 Reporter 】
Work is in full swing on one side of the intersection to fill in the road using excavators.

Today (19th), at around 12:30 PM, a report was received at 112 that signs of ground collapse occurred near Exit 1 of Eonju Station in Gangnam, Seoul.

The dispatched police controlled the area around the intersection of Eonju Station and began to resolve the scene, which resulted in severe traffic congestion in the Gangnam area.

▶ Interview: Jong-sik Lee / Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul
– “One or two cars came and blocked the road, and from there on, right turn control was implemented… I think the whole of Gangnam is probably blocked right now…”

▶ Standing: Lee Si-yeol / Reporter
– “The area where this accident occurred is only about 20 meters away from the area where the ground collapse occurred on the 12th.”

Citizens are anxious as this incident occurred again following a 3m deep and 1m diameter ground collapse that occurred in the opposite lane a week ago.

▶ Interview: Witness
– “Overall, a lot of the underpasses are caved in right now. So, this means that the foundation is weak…there is a problem….”

There was also the possibility that the ground weakened and the road collapsed due to water leakage from the previous water pipe rupture, but

the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Eastern Road Office said, “As a result of confirmation, there was no water leakage,” and “It appears to be simple subsidence due to age.”

The road that was closed was reopened to traffic about 3 and a half hours later.

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