“‘Semi-basement’ permitted even in heavy rain disaster… Seoul is in anarchy”

August 6, 2023 0 Comments

“The city of Seoul said it would restrict semi -basement construction, but allowed 81 of them even after heavy rains in August of last year. We need to stop further neglect and come up with a fundamental solution as soon as possible.” It has been pointed out that a year has passed since the accident, but the government is still taking regressive steps, such as permitting semi-basement construction and cutting public housing budgets. On the 5th, despite the hot weather of 37 degrees Celsius, about 100 citizens gathered to commemorate the victims of the flood accident and urged fundamental measures. 

Yoo Ji-ye, an activist for ‘Sharing and Future’, who spoke at the ‘Culture Festival in Memory of the Victims of Climate Disaster in the 1st Anniversary of the Heavy Rain Disaster’ held in front of the Finance Building in Jung-gu, Seoul, said, “We believe that the flood damage that occurred in the semi-basement houses in Gwanak-gu and Dongjak-gu, Seoul last year was a simple disaster. I know it wasn’t,” he said, “a disaster created by society.” 

He continued, “The city of Seoul issued building permits for about 300 basement floors last year and this year.” “In addition, even the installation of flood prevention facilities, such as the installation of water-blocking panels for houses with flood concerns that were scheduled to be promoted, was delayed, and the installation rate was 22% of the target households. It’s just a measure,” he said. 

He pointed out that “public rental housing is necessary for a substantial increase in housing, but even this is not easy.” 

Mr. Yoo said, “Even though we were able to come up with sufficient measures such as securing the budget for one year, expanding the quantity of public rental housing, and installing safety facilities in the semi-basement, the government showed signs of regressing.” I don’t want to worry about losing other citizens. Come up with a fundamental solution as soon as possible,” he raised his voice. 

There were also testimonies from people living in vulnerable households. Kim In-kyun, who lives in Gosiwon, said, “There are many disasters that can be sufficiently prevented. The housing vulnerable class is directly hit by such disasters.” The resident of the jjokbang has an underlying disease and is having a harsh summer.” 

He then strongly criticized, “The least right to be healthy and the least right to be happy is being violated by the vulnerable in housing.” 

There were also remarks in memory of a colleague who died in a semi-basement house flooding in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul last year. Kim Gwang-chang, secretary general of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions Service Federation, said, “Photos and videos of the scene of the Sillim-dong anti-subterranean disaster in August of last year are still being summoned.” Even the face, every time I see those photos and videos, the emotions of the time come to mind.” 

Next, “Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong said he would review the fundamental direction to protect the safety and life of residents of vulnerable households, and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said he would completely eliminate residential semi-basements.” “There are 230,000 semi-basement households in Seoul. “There are only 2,700 households that have moved their residence. The government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government took responsibility for only 1%,” he pointed out. 

“Itaewon Disaster, Osong Underpass Disaster… Anarchy now”

He said, “We live in an era where we live with the risk that 안전놀이터we may die if it rains a lot.” 

Commemorative remarks were also made by organizations for the disabled and bereaved families of the 10.29 disaster. Seo Gi-hyeon, co-representative of the Seoul Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, said, “No matter how much I told them to give me a ring, everyone was shocked (that there was an accident).” 

He continued, “Who would have predicted the Itaewon disaster? Who would have known that it would rain and get stuck in an underpass?” He criticized strongly, saying, “Of course, a place that should be safe is becoming unsafe. Now, there is anarchy.” CEO Seo raised his voice, saying, “We must not sit idle in this situation. We must make the government work and warn the government.” 

Yoo Hyung-woo , vice chairman of the ‘10.29 Itaewon Disaster Bereavement Association’, said, “If we had prepared preventive measures based on the example of the disaster of that day last year, the Osong underpass disaster would not have occurred this year. The disaster continued with the show response.” , the government should repent of its mistakes, reveal the truth of the disaster and prevent it,” he said. 

Those who attended the cultural festival that day said, “The right to housing is the right to live, guarantee a safe home for everyone,” “Let’s not repeat disasters,” 

▲National Solidarity for Parents with Disabilities ▲Sharing and Future ▲Climate Justice Alliance ▲Give Public Lease ▲Beyond Seoul ▲Labor City Solidarity ▲Slug Union ▲Peace Liberation for the Poor ▲Seoul Residential Welfare Center Association ▲Residential Rights Network, etc. joined together. Politicians such as the Justice Party, the Seoul City Party of the Basic Income Party, the Green Party, and the Seoul City Party of the Progressive Party also sent solidarity.  

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