‘Seed No. 40’, the ‘Box-of-Box Card No. 1’… If the official record rises, ‘1st in long hits’ ‘2nd in irons’ ‘3rd in average at-bats’

May 24, 2023 0 Comments

’19-year-old long hitter’ Bang Sin-sil, who became the hottest player on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this year, is ranked 21st in prize money. However, other than the prize money, other records are not ranked at all. This is because, if more than 50% of the competitions do not meet the qualifications, they will not be recognized as official records.

The KLPGA tour will hold the 10th tournament of the 2023 season with the E1 Charity Open held at Seongmunan Golf Course in Wonju, Gangwon-do for three days from the 26th of this week, and Bang Shin-sil will participate in the 5th tournament this season. That would meet her 50% qualification.

What is the current ranking of other records besides the prize money of Bang Shin-sil?

Once his name rises in the drive shot distance category, the first place will be for the Bangshinsil. Currently, Bang Shin-sil is hitting an average of 264.57 yards, and the official No. 1 is Kim Su-ji with 258.97 yards.

In the green hit rate category, which indicates the accuracy of iron shots, it is ranked second with 76.54%. The current number one is Lee So-young with 77.53%. Bang Shin-sil, who is hitting 70.44 strokes, ranks third in average strokes, following Park Ji-young (70.20 strokes) and Lee Da-yeon (70.37 strokes). In terms of rookie award points, he is also recording a score equivalent to the third-highest record after Kim Min-byul and Hwang Yu-min.

The reason why Bang Sin-sil became a top-notch box office star in a short period of time is probably because of her hot long hitting power. Sinsil Bang has participated in three stroke play competitions, where he has 33 tee shots of 280 yards or more. Kim Su-ji, the official long hitter, sent more than 280 yards 24 times.

One of the main characters of ‘5 consecutive buddies’, which has only two members so far, is Bang Shin-sil again. On the first day of the 45th KLPGA Championship, Chris F&C, which was her first competition this year, Bang Shin-sil made her presence known by making five consecutive birdies from the 14th to the 18th hole.

Bang Shin-sil will not be able to participate in the Lotte Open, which will be held at Bear’s Best Cheongna Golf Course for four days from the 1st of next month. This is because the opportunity to participate did not come to Bang Sin-sil, who is the ‘seed number 40’.

In the E1 Charity Open with 144 players, 55 seeded players were allowed to participate, but in the Lotte Open with 132 players, only 35 seats were assigned to seeded players.

‘Seed 40’ is a very ambiguous position. If the total number of participants in the tournament increases, an opportunity is given, but if the number of participants is small, a forced break is required. It is a ranking that rides a lot of seasons.

The reason why they were unable to participate in the three competitions at the beginning of this year was because the total number of participants in the competitions was small at 120. At the first major tournament, the Kris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, as the number of participants increased to 132, the 40th seed, Bang Shin-sil, was also given a chance. At that time, 44 seeded players competed in the tournament.

Now is the season for the room. There will be plenty of opportunities to compete in July and August, when the days are long. However, when the cold wind begins to blow in the fall, the number of participants will surely decrease to 120 again.토토사이트

Park Bo-gyeom, winner of the Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open, the only one whose Bang Shin-sil missed the cut, was ‘seed 33’. He was also in a position to worry about the opportunity to participate if the number of participants drastically decreased, but his worries were relieved by winning the Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open.

Can Bang Sin-sil, like Park Bo-gyeom, take off the yoke of ‘Seed No. 40’ before fall comes?

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