‘Scoring right batting average 0.377’ LG fortune Austin “The goal is to win the Korean series”

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

Austin Dean (30, USA), a foreign hitter who newly joined the LG Twins ahead of this season, has established himself as a ‘foreigner of fortune’ from the beginning of the season.

During the month of April, he received a passing score with a batting average of 0.351, 2 homers, 20 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.878.

He had a batting average of 0.336 (2nd place), 4 home runs, 32 RBI (2nd place) and 51 hits (tied for 1st place) with an OPS of 0.844 until the Hanwha Eagles on the 20th. In particular, he showed a strong aspect in the clutch situation and is playing an active role with a batting average of 0.377 and an OPS of 0.957 in scoring position.

In the game against Hanwha on the 19th, in the 3rd inning, where the team was behind 0-1, with 2 outs and bases loaded, Moon Dong-joo pulled the first pitch 148km slider and hit 2 RBIs and 2 bases in the left field direction.

LG, who turned the tide of the battle with this one shot, won the final 3-1, and Austin became the main character of the final blow once again.

Austin said about his high batting average in scoring position, “I just thought, ‘Let’s hit the ball hard and get a good result’ without any pressure.”

“When you play baseball, there are times when it goes well, but there are times when it doesn’t. Recently, I’ve been bad for a few games, but it feels like I’m coming back,” he said. .

There is a brutal history of foreign batters in LG. Many foreign hitters such as James Roni (2017), Adonis Garcia (2018), Tommy Joseph (2019), Justin Bohr (2021), Rio Ruiz (2022), and Mabel Garcia (2022) are hurt by LG. I gave up and left the team.

However, there is an expectation that Austin will be different. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also predicts that Austin, who has good handling of breaking balls and has a good relationship with his teammates, will achieve good results at LG.

Austin lowered his stance, saying, “I know about the curse, but I don’t know when the batting cycle will go down again. I just want to play baseball while enjoying it in Korea.”

The strength that Austin can endure in his unfamiliar life in Korea is his family.

He said,토스카지노 “I want to give all the credit so far to my wife. Thanks to her wife, I can come out to the baseball field and play the game comfortably. I want to be a good husband as well.”

When asked about Austin’s goal for the rest of the season, he immediately answered, “winning the Korean Series.” Austin emphasized, “Team performance is more important than individual performance. This year, I hope the team will win the Korean Series.”

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