Scherzer, “I swear on the lives of my children,” the controversial issue and the possibility of disciplinary action?

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

 Was it really an unfair exit?

New York Mets Max Scherzer is ejected. I am protesting, “No, risking my children’s lives.”

Scherzer pitched in an away game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on the 20th (Korean time) and was ejected for rosin on his glove before pitching in the 4th inning.

Scherzer was pointed out that his hands were sticky during the first inspection before pitching in the second inning. So, I went to the clubhouse bathroom with an MLB official and washed his hands with alcohol. When he went to the mound in the third inning, the referees asked him to change his glove to another one because it was sticky, and Scherzer went out wearing a new glove.

And when he got on the mound to pitch in the fourth inning, the umpire inspected his glove again. However, an argument erupted between the umpire and Scherzer, and Mets manager Buck Showalter intervened. A few minutes later, head of the referee Phil Cousey ordered Scherzer to leave. Scherzer was so excited that he clenched his right fist and even pretended to hit the ground, expressing his regret.

A TV relay camera caught Scherzer protesting to Judge Coogee, “That’s rosin (rosin powder). It’s just rosin.”

In a local interview after the game, such as the AP, Scherzer said, “They said my hands were too sticky. So I swear on my kids’ lives. I don’t use anything other than (rosin). “It’s all about sweat and rosin. I kept talking about it, but after touching my hand, they just said it was sticky. Of course, it’s true that it’s sticky. But that’s because it’s covered in sweat and rosin. Because of that, I was kicked out,” he said, raising his voice.

In a press release after the game, umpire Dan Bellino said, “Phil and I checked his hands. There’s such a thing as the level of stickiness. In the last three years I’ve tested pitchers’ hands, they’ve been the worst. “It got to the point where my fingers stuck to his. Over the next few innings, whatever was left on our hands, we had to decide that our fingers were sticky.”

The exit on this day was Scherzer’s fourth case in his personal career. However, this is the first time he has been ejected for game-related matters on the day he pitches.

If the MLB office determines that Scherzer violated the actual rules and used a sticky substance, a disciplinary suspension is inevitable. Looking at the previous case, a 10-game suspension is likely. In 2021, Seattle Mariners’ Hector Santiago and Arizona Diamondbacks’ Caleb Smith both received 10-game bans for smearing a sticky substance on their hands.

However, according to MLB’s regulations on foreign substances, rosin is a legal substance that pitchers can use. This is because it can be used to remove sweat from your wrist or arm. But don’t let the rosin get on your gloves or uniform. It is also against the rules to mix rosin with other external substances such as sunscreen.

In the case of Scherzer, rosin and sweat were mixed and turned into a sticky substance and smeared on the glove, and the referees seem to have regarded it as a violation of the rules. Coach Showalter explained after the game, “I was sent off for rosin on Scherzer’s glove.”

that it is against the rules. Then Scherzer has nothing to be ashamed of. Punishment, however, is another matter. Punishment can be avoided if it is confirmed that the foreign substance was not mobilized, but that the rosin was simply transferred to the glove while pitching.

Scherzer said,메이저사이트 “Now it’s a matter of regulation. I don’t know what will happen in the future. I have to wait and see if I will be disciplined.”

On this day, Scherzer was blocking well with 3 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and no run. Despite Scherzer’s ejection, the Mets won 5-3.

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