“Roh Jae-wook, prepared with a desperate heart” Samsung Fire & Marine Captain, who the command tower believes in, shows a different appearance

August 8, 2023 0 Comments

“Noh Jae-wook prepared with a desperate heart.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by coach Kim Sang-woo안전놀이터, will have its first match against KEPCO in Group B of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament at Gumi Park Chung-hee Gymnasium on the 7th.

Manager Kim Sang-woo, who we met before the game, said, “After going on vacation after the end of last season, we did our best to prepare for what we could.” I prepared a lot of serves, and I emphasized defense and connection.”

There is no big frame in the lineup. While foreign players are unable to play due to the non-issuance of an International Transfer Agreement (ITC), Kim Jeong-ho, Shin Shin-ho, and Park Seong-jin take charge of the three offensive positions. Son Hyeon-jong prepares the back. The middle blocker is Kim Jun-woo, Ha Hyun-yong and Yang Hee-jun alternately, and the setter is Noh Jae-wook. The liberos are Shin Dong-gwang and Ahn Ji-won.

Noh Jae-wook, who is supposed to be the captain and the main setter, needs to play an active role. Roh Jae-wook suffered the worst slump after his debut last season and had to give up his starting setter spot to Lee Hogan. He appeared in 31 matches, but only 86 sets were played, and most of them were replaced after being in for a short time.

Director Kim Sang-woo said, “Jae-wook is preparing with a desperate heart. He devotes himself to personal training even without anyone telling him to. He believes that if he brings back the good feeling he had before going to the army, the team will get better and he will be fine personally. I believe,” he said forcefully.

When asked about preparations for KEPCO, coach Kim was wary of Lee Tae-ho, who would play as an apositive spiker. “He has good height, he is left-handed and has good speed. He said, “If the serve goes well, he won’t make it difficult for the opponent to attack.”

Finally, “The cup competition has a different feel from the league. We will be the only team with a rookie as a starter. I hope that these players will gain experience and grow and contribute to their strength during the V-League.”

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