‘Robinson-Duncan to Wembanyama’ NBA’s best master, again ranked first in history

May 17, 2023 0 Comments

Wembanyama moved closer to San Antonio.

On the 17th (Korean time),토스카지노 the 2023 NBA draft lottery draw was held in Chicago, USA.

This lottery draw has received more attention than ever before. This is because super-prospect Victor Wembanyama is participating in the 2023 draft. Wembanyama is a young French national who currently plays for Metropolitans 92 in the French league.

With a height of 224cm and a wingspan of 244cm, Wem Banyama is even considered to be the best talent since LeBron James, thanks to his tall speed, shooting ability and ball handling ability. Therefore, it was said that farming for the next 10 years would be easy if Wembanyama was designated. 

The result of the lottery drew the attention of all the fans of the team with the 1st odds. The lucky man became the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio, which had a 14.0% chance of the first pick in the lottery with a 22-60 record this season, has a chance to embrace Wembanyama.

San Antonio has memories of exercising the first pick twice in the past draft. All have selected the greatest big men of all time, David Robinson in 1987 and Tim Duncan in 1997. Both players are big men who left a big footprint in league history. This first pick is the first pick San Antonio has secured in 26 years since Tim Duncan. 

NBA’s best coach Greg Popovich, who led San Antonio’s golden age with Tim Duncan, has another special talent. The meeting between Popovich and Wembanyama is already highly anticipated. If there is no big variable that will shake the game, it is expected that San Antonio will choose Wembanyama without much worry. 

San Antonio’s all-time first pick history
1987: David Robinson 
1997: Tim Duncan

Detroit and Houston, which had 14.0% odds along with San Antonio, both left behind the disappointment of being pushed out of the Top 3 nominations. The event where Ben Wallace participated in the lottery draw was only 5th place despite finishing last overall this season, and Houston also took the 4th place pick.

On the other hand, Charlotte and Portland were far from Wembanyama, but obtained satisfactory results by securing the second and third picks, respectively. The 2023 NBA Draft will be held on June 23rd.

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Results
1. San Antonio
2. Charlotte
3. Portland
4. Houston 5. Detroit
6. Orlando
Indiana 8. Washington
10. Dallas
11. Orlando (via Chicago)
12. Oklahoma City
13. Toronto
14. New Orleans

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