Returned after only 55 days in the opening 4 starter, but a changed position → Opponent is Lotte ‘What to do with the thorny field road’

May 29, 2023 0 Comments

An injured soldier returns to the LG native starting lineup. This is LG Lee Min-ho (22). He came back after recovering from his injuries, but his position is uneasy.안전놀이터

Lee Min-ho will start on the 30th in the home game against the Lotte Giants at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Lee Min-ho was responsible for his debut season 20 games (16 starts) 97⅔ innings 4 wins 4 losses average ERA of 3.69, and in the 2021 season, 25 games (22 starts) 115 innings 8 wins 9 losses average ERA of 4.31. Last season, he started 26 games and posted a double-digit win for the first time since his debut with 12 wins, 8 losses and an average ERA of 5.51 with 119⅓ innings, but the content of the game was disappointing.

And this year was his 4th professional year. General manager Cha Myung-seok said that it would take three to four years while revealing the plan to nurture native starting pitchers. Now, the time to show it in earnest is the 4th year, he said. He cited it as the pitcher who needs to win 10 or more in regulation innings. Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho are like that.

However, it did not go as planned by director Yeom Gyeong-yeop and general manager Cha Myung-seok.

Lee Min-ho, who started as the 4th starter, started against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 5th of last month and recorded 5 hits, 2 walks, 1 strikeout and 2 runs in 5⅓ innings and became a losing pitcher.

He hasn’t been on the mound since his first appearance. Injury came. On the 9th of last month, I felt something wrong with my elbow during bullpen pitching. He had a checkup on the afternoon of the 10th and an MRI scan revealed a damage to his right elbow flexor. He needs 3 weeks off.

I did not catch the ball according to the opinion that I should not pitch for three weeks, and it was not until May that I started pitching again. After going through his rehabilitation process, against the Lotte Giants in Icheon on the 17th, he recorded 2 innings, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and no runs.

He finally got his return date set. On the 30th, he will have a comeback match against Lotte. He returns in 55 days. Lim Chan-gyu has already filled a position. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also picked Lim Chan-gyu as the third starter. In June, left-hander Lee Sang-young returns after being discharged from the military. It is a crisis in which he lost his place while he was missing due to his injury.

Lee Min-ho will not be able to play many innings in his comeback. However, he will be given another chance once he proves he is no longer sick. The opponent is Lotte, which is competing for the top ranks. Attention is focusing on what Lee Min-ho will show.

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