‘Preparation for Hangzhou AG’ Laos national team led by coach Lee Man-soo, conducts training in Korea

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

The Laos baseball team has a meaningful Korean training session.

The Laos baseball team led by former SK coach Lee Man-soo entered Korea on the 19th for field training. Through this battery training, they plan to prepare for the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China and boost their strength.

In this jeonji training that will be held until the 27th of the 27th of the 27th of the 27th of the 27th of the 27th of the 27th of the 27th.

Former coach Lee Man-soo said, “As the Asian Games scheduled last year were postponed this year due to Corona 19, the dreams of players who hoped for international competition stage experience were postponed for a year.” But, obviously, the power has increased since then. In this battery training, we plan to do the final quenching to increase power,” he said, revealing his aspirations for battery training.

Lee continued, “Japan ranks first in the WBSC rankings, and Korea ranks fifth. And Laos is 83rd. It is thrilling that a country that did not even have the word baseball 10 years ago has entered the official rankings like this.” “But Laos definitely has the power to go higher. That is why we are participating in more international competitions and conducting systematic training such as field training in Korea in line with it.”

The Laos team, which arrived this morning,카지노사이트 will start a 10-day off-season training, starting with a practice match against Chunghun High School in the afternoon. In addition, Laos players are expected to experience Korean professional baseball by participating in pitching and pitching at the home game of Jamsil Doosan on the 22nd at the invitation of professional baseball team Doosan.

Meanwhile, the Laos baseball team is scheduled to go to Thailand on the 29th to participate in the 13th East Asian Cup Baseball Championship hosted by the Asian Baseball Federation after finishing the Korean field training.

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