Powerful reversal! ‘Man fashion? Not 100%’ 9 teams still keep an eye on KIM ‘Liverpool, Newcastle Kim Min-jae did not give up’

May 25, 2023 0 Comments

 It is true that Manchester United is in the most favorable position to recruit Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is most closely related to his team, Napoli.

However, there are still many variables.

90min, a soccer media outlet, said on the 25th (Korean time), ‘Manchester United talked about specific recruitment conditions with Napoli and Kim Min-jae. I can confirm that I am in the most advantageous position to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

However, the media emphasized that ‘a source closely related to the recruitment of Kim Min-jae said that Man Utd is not the only club that is making a love call to Min-jae Kim’ and that ‘the command towers of Liverpool and Newcastle highly evaluate Min-jae Kim’s play, and both teams This is a team that needs to sign a central centre-back this summer. Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City are also aware of the details of the signing of Kim Min-jae, and believe they can still get involved.”

It is known that not only the six EPL teams, but also Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the most prestigious club in Ligue 1, and Barcelona and Real Madrid, the most prestigious clubs in La Liga, are also checking the status and conditions of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment.

The media said, ‘I’m about to do my military service in June. Around July, the outline of the specific destination will be revealed. It is increasingly likely that he will leave Naples.”

Until now, Kim Min-jae’s Manchester United is in an atmosphere of becoming a fait accompli.

Fabrizio Romano, already famous as a European transfer expert, said, ‘Kim Min-jae will go to Manchester United. Manchester United monitored his performance for seven months.”

Manchester United have a good chance of securing a place in the Champions League. We are making an active investment plan this summer. Coach Ten Hag has three big players in mind: a new defender (centre-back), midfielder and striker. Among them, defender Kim Min-jae is the first option.

Kim Min-jae’s status remains the same. Kim Min-jae, who played for Turkiye Fenerbahce, moved to Napoli this season and led the league championship in 33 years. In addition, in the European Champions League, he showed his class in confrontations with world-class strikers.토토사이트

Kim Min-jae’s stock price jumped explosively. Manchester United are strong, but the situation is not yet settled. Prestigious clubs in Europe are scrambling to compete for Kim Min-jae.

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