“Please pay attention so that there is no further damage” Day One players and fans release a statement at the National Assembly

June 15, 2023 0 Comments

Day One players and fans stood in the National Assembly.

On the 14th, at 4:00 pm, a press conference was held at the Communication Hall of the National Assembly on Goyang Day One wage arrears. The press conference was led by Hong Jeong-min, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, in Byeong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.스포츠토토

Along with Rep. Jung-Min Hong, Kang-Seon Kim, Ho-Bin Han, Seong-Hyeon Jeon, and Jeong-Hyun Lee attended as team representatives. In addition, 5 Day One fan representatives were also present.

Rep. Jung-min Hong said, “We held a press conference to let the players know about the regrets of the players who have been suffering from non-payment of wages for five months due to poor management of Day One.”

Then, the fan representative read a statement. Requests were delivered to KBL and Day One through a statement. First, KBL, which allowed an insolvent company called Day One Sports to take over the Orion club, raised its voice to transparently disclose all board meeting minutes and evidence of evaluation items.

In addition, he said that he hoped that players who played unpaid games from January of this year would be responsible for paying wages using the 1.5 billion won subscription fee and broadcasting fees received from Day One. He wanted to actively participate in KBL as well as in Day One.

If the team is disbanded due to unresolved wage arrears, they demanded recognition of FA (free agent) qualifications. In the event of a player not being able to sign a contract within the period, they requested that no player retire due to this situation by joining another team through a draft as it is under the terms of the current contract.

In case the Day One players go to another team, an exception was proposed so that they would not be included in the current salary cap. The KBL salary cap this season is 2.8 billion won. He expressed his intention to make an exception because the salary cap pressure would intensify if the Day One squad were to be scattered to the other nine clubs.

KBL held a moving meeting on the 31st of last month and decided to give Day One the last time until the 15th. If Day One fails to resolve wage arrears and naming sponsors by the set deadline, the board of directors will hold another board meeting on the 16th to decide whether to expel them.

The following is the full text of the Day One fan representative’s statement.

Our goyang day one jumpers fan ildong has the following position regarding the 2022-2023 season goyang day one jumpers incident in the cultural gym tourism department. In the meantime, all the fans hoped that KBL would be able to support the stable operation of the Day One Jumpers basketball team and basic player life maintenance such as wage payment and contract period guarantee for players. However, KBL is waiting for a positive solution to this situation as it extended the payment date until June 15, which was supposed to be resolved by the end of May. Accordingly, we demand the following from KBL and Day One Sports.

However, we demand transparent disclosure of all KBL board meeting minutes and evidence of evaluation items that approved the acquisition of Orion club by an insolvent company called Day One Sports, which could not even pay the subscription fee on time, to the extent that the acquisition of a soccer team was rejected due to insufficient scores.

However, regarding the delayed payment of wages of players who have not been able to meet the salary payment date since last year and have played without pay since January this year, KBL is not borne by the players, but is responsible for using the 1.5 billion subscription fee received from Day1 and income from relaying. I hope you are able to proceed with the payment.

However, if the full wage arrears are not resolved by the 15th, please acknowledge the FA qualification to succeed the contract conditions of the current Day One players in the same way as in the standard contract of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

However, if there is a player who has not signed a contract within the period, I hope that the current contract conditions will be drafted to other teams so that no player will retire due to this situation.

However, we request the application of an exception so that the current situation does not apply to the salary cap with the maintenance of 10 clubs.

However, Day One Sports and KBL ask for a plan to deal with the membership cost obtained by promoting to fans in the name of a lifetime membership title and game tickets.

However, in order not to be decided by an arbitrary decision of the board of directors rather than a decision centered on relief for the victims, all players and employees who are victims of the damage must reflect and participate in their opinions so that they are not biased and seek a solution in the direction of minimizing the damage to the victims. do.

One, it is Day One that all clubs have gathered and approved through the board of directors. We hope that everyone will take responsibility and take an active attitude towards resolving the situation, as well as the system and follow-up measures for players.

Lastly, the fans who support and support Goyang Day One Jumpers love and support Korean professional sports beyond basketball in a specific sport, not just specific people in a club, so that the players do not suffer such damage. please

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