“Please give me something”… Explosive popularity of ‘This’, which LG Electronics decided to release

July 21, 2023 0 Comments

“Please…please release it as an official sound source. I’ve been listening to YouTube videos all day long.” ‘Inner Heart’ produced by

LG Electronics in collaboration with singer Crush. The sound source of ‘Wind’ has recently received great acclaim and is gaining popularity, especially among young people. As requests to release the song as an official music source flood in, attention is focusing on how LG Electronics will respond.

According to the industry on the 21st, after selecting singer Crush as a model for the premium air conditioner brand ‘Whissen’ last month, LG Electronics succeeded in imprinting its brand image on young people. Produced with Crush, ‘Inner Heart. It is evaluated that awareness of LG Electronics and ‘Whissen’ has naturally expanded, centering on the MZ generation, as the ‘Wind’ music video sound source exploded in popularity . “As the MZ generation emerges as a new axis of consumption, companies are competing more fiercely to win their hearts,” said an industry insider . ‘interior. ‘Wind’ is a phrase using ‘ NESIHM ‘ , which is a 180 degree reversed spelling of the ‘ WHISEN ‘ brand, and contains the meaning that LG Electronics supports the life of rest that customers long for. Also R&B

) style media tempo song ‘Inner Heart. Even in the song ‘Wind’ , the message that LG Electronics wants to convey is sufficiently contained through lyrics such as “If a cloudy feeling bothers you, then I will blow a clear breath to protect you” and “You can take a rest, even if you do nothing like the wind in your heart.”

Because of this, ‘Inwardly. Among those who watched ‘Wind’, they praised that LG Electronics is promoting ‘Whissen’ in a sensible way. On LG Electronics’ official YouTube, comments such as “체스카지노It’s an air conditioner commercial I’ve never seen before, no, it’s an air conditioner music video”, “I was busy skipping the YouTube commercial when it came out, but suddenly a very good song came out from the commercial, and I wanted something, but I was surprised because it was an air conditioner commercial for ‘Whissen'”, “Whoever planned it is really the best”, and “I felt comfortable as if I was taking a real break while watching it.”

Again, ‘My heart. Requests to release ‘Wind’ as an official sound source flooded in. One netizen said, “I can see ‘Whisen’ again seriously” and “As the song is so good, the release of the sound source is urgent.”

However, LG Electronics ‘inwardly. It is said that it is difficult to produce a sound source for ‘Wind’. This is because they did not sign a separate contract to release an official sound source. In April of last year, when the sound source of the ‘LG Tuewoon Mini’ , which was worked with Zion.T, was released, it gained a lot of popularity, but it was found that the reason why the sound source was not released separately was for the same reason.

However, 10 years ago, in partnership with the idol groups ‘Big Bang’ and ‘2NE1 ‘, they released the commercial song ( CM song) for LG’s new mobile phone ‘Lollipop’, which was released at the time, as an official music source, and gained popularity enough to top the Mnet chart for 4 consecutive weeks. In October of the same year, she also released ‘Chocolate Love’, a CM song for ‘New Chocolate Phone’ with girl groups ‘Girls’ Generation’ and ‘f(x)’, and rose to number 2 on the Melon chart. The following year, in 2010, Big Bang’s ‘Lollipop Part Two’ also topped the real-time music chart. An industry insider said, “It’s not easy for companies to release a commercial song as an official sound source just because a CM song is gaining popularity. “

It seems that the movement of companies to release the song as an official sound source may become active again,” he added, “if the image of a particular brand and musician does not properly match, when a CM song is released, advertisers may be somewhat reluctant in that it will only cost a lot of money and may cause side effects . ”

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