“Pile up 10 billion won worth of gold bars in the officetel”… Kyongnam Bank embezzlement employee arrest warrant

August 23, 2023 0 Comments

Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for an employee안전놀이터 of BNK Kyongnam Bank (Kyongnam Bank) who is suspected of embezzling tens of billions of won. It’s been two days since my arrest.

On the 23rd, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s Criminal Proceeds Recovery Department requested an arrest warrant for Mr. Lee (51), head of the investment finance department of Kyongnam Bank, who is accused of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (embezzlement) and the Concealment of Criminal Proceeds Control Act.

From August 2016 to July last year, Mr. Lee stole about 40.4 billion won, including loans from BNK Kyongnam Bank, and laundered about 10.4 billion won of the embezzled money in July and August this year as gold bars, foreign currency, gift certificates, etc., and hid them in three officetels . be accused Mr. Lee was in charge of real estate project financing ( PF

) for about 15 years from 2007 to April of this year, and the fact that he siphoned off a large amount of loans was revealed through bank audits and inspections by the Financial Supervisory Service. The amount of alleged embezzlement and misappropriation confirmed by the Financial Supervisory Service amounted to 56.2 billion won. Prosecutors first requested an arrest warrant based on the amount of the accused. The amount is likely to increase as the investigation progresses. When Mr. Lee disappeared during the investigation, the prosecution received an arrest warrant on the 1st of this month and arrested Mr. Lee on the 21st at an officetel in Gangnam after pursuing him. Lee was indicted without detention on the 16th on charges of using 5 billion won managed by BNK Kyongnam Bank for personal purposes, such as stock investment, from July to August 2008.

An official from the prosecution said, “In the future, we will thoroughly investigate the overall allegations of embezzlement and concealment of criminal proceeds, and we will recover the proceeds of crime.”

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