Pilates instructor running for city council member apologizes for “divorce case husband went to bed with tuition fees”

June 28, 2023 0 Comments

Noye-seul Noh, who ran for the People’s Power Hwaseong city council in the last 6/1 local election, directly apologized to the victims by revealing that her husband A, who was in divorce proceedings, disappeared after receiving Pilates center fees.

Mr. Noh said on his Facebook page, “As many of you already know, I am the spouse of Mr. A, who recently went away after receiving tuition from four Pilates centers.” I do not know Mr.’s whereabouts, and he has lived alone with his young daughter until now. So since yesterday, after receiving messages from members and instructors who suffered damage due to Mr. A, I, too, have no choice but to lose heart.”

“And today, I heard that the number of people who suffered damage due to Mr. A exceeded 800. Although I did not know about Mr. A’s actions in advance, as a person who was once a spouse, I feel unable to hold back tears that Mr. A has caused so many harm to so many people. So I came to think that it was my duty to compensate for the damages of the victims to the extent that I could.”

He said, “As I said before, I am currently in the process of divorce with Mr. A, and it remains to decide how much property I should divide to Mr. A and how much안전놀이터 child support I should receive from Mr. A. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to pay 70 million won, the total amount remaining in my current account, to Mr. A in the name of property division so that Mr. A can compensate the victims, and the 70 million won will be compensated by the victims. We inform you that we intend to deposit it with the court so that you can receive it.”

“Also, I want to give up all of the child support payments that I can get from Mr. A so that the 70 million won that Mr. A received from the division of property can be fully used for the recovery of the victims. Although the amount I will deposit will be insufficient to recover the damages of all the victims, I sincerely hope that my decision will help the victims recover.”

Finally, Mr. Noh repeatedly bowed his head, saying, “As a person in the Pilates industry, I am very sorry that an incident like this has occurred, and I am sorry for causing concern to the members who trust me and take classes.”

On the other hand, Mr. Roh, a former Pilates instructor, became a hot topic by running for the People’s Power Hwaseong City Council member in the last 6/1 local election. He continued to work as a Pilates instructor even after his defeat.

The Pilates Center that Mr. Roh mentioned has four branches across the country, including Suwon, Yongin, and Cheonan, and Mr. A suddenly stopped operating on the 26th, “due to ongoing financial difficulties ( I have decided to close)” and sent a text message to the employees, and then contact was cut off. It was also reported that there were unpaid wages for the center’s staff. Victims are currently discussing countermeasures such as hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit through an open chat room.

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