PGMOL official statement: “Auxiliary referee who hit Robertson was temporarily stripped of the referee’s position.”

April 11, 2023 0 Comments

The assistant referee who hit Andrew Robertson (Liverpool) eventually took the flag.

The Premier League Refereeing Organization (PGMOL) issued an official statement on the 11th (Korean time) and said, “Reference referee Constantin Hajdakis, who had a collision with Robertson at halftime of the last Liverpool-Arsenal match, will not assign a referee until the investigation into the incident is over. will,” he said.

It was hard to believe even after seeing it. On the 10th, round 30 of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season was held at Anfield in Liverpool, England. It was a big match between Liverpool and Arsenal. Liverpool was aiming for a jump to the sixth place, and Arsenal was looking to run for first place. It was such a fierce match.

The first half ended with Liverpool trailing 1-2. As soon as the whistle sounded at the end of the first half, Liverpool defender Robertson ran to assistant referee Hajidakis and expressed his regret over the referee’s decision. This is a normal situation so far.

But assistant referee Haji Dakis hit Robertson in the face with the elbow of his right arm. Robertson was hit in the jaw. Robertson stood there blankly, startled and clutching his chin. Fellow Liverpool players who saw this reported this to the referee, but referee Paul Tierney went into the locker room without any action.

All these scenes were captured on relay cameras. In the end, PGMOL announced, “We will immediately investigate the incident between the assistant referee and Robertson from the Liverpool-Arsenal match.” The English Football Association (FA) also decided to investigate the case.

“I haven’t seen it with my own eyes,스포츠토토” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. However, I only heard that something happened between Robertson and the referee.”

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