official advice? Feng Shui geography, not ‘Heaven’…”Contempt of the people” vs. “False incitement”

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The police, who have been investigating the suspicion that안전놀이터 the divination technique ‘Cheonggong’ intervened in the selection of the presidential residence, captured the situation that the person who visited the official residence of the Chief of Staff of the Army, which was a candidate for the official residence, was Baek Jae-kwon, a feng shui geographer and contemplative figure, not Cheon Gong.

The opposition party urged the president’s office to directly explain, saying, “The people have been scorned,” and the ruling party refuted that “the opposition party’s false agitation has been revealed.”

Reporter Kim Min-chan reports.

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The police, who have been investigating the allegation that the divination ‘Cheonggong’ intervened before the presidential residence, said in April that there was no record of ‘Cheonggong’ visiting the Army Chief of Staff’s official residence.

The police, who conducted an investigation for nearly half a year, tentatively concluded that the person who recently visited the residence of the Army Chief of Staff was Baek Jae-kwon, a feng shui scholar, not Cheon-gong.

Mr. Baek is a feng shui geographer and contemplative, and is an adjunct professor at Cyber ​​Korea University of Foreign Studies.

[Baek Jae-kwon/Feng Shui Jiri (adjunct professor at Cyber ​​Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)]
“If the price is the same, think about a good place before going in. Then, when you put in the same amount of effort and time, what kind of wealth or performance comes back is terrifyingly great.”

Mr. Baek also disclosed to the media that he had met President Yoon’s couple in the past as well as Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party said that this was the Joseon Dynasty, when a feng shui expert determined the palace site.

The president’s office hid Mr. Baek’s visit, saying it was contempt for the people, and urged the president’s office to explain.

[Park Seong-jun/Democratic Party Spokesperson]
“If you were proud, why did you hide it when the suspicion of intervening in the sky broke out? Why is the President’s Office silent now?”

The power of the people referred to the opinion that Mr. Baek was the highest authority in the field of feng shui geography, but the official explained that the decision was made after comprehensively considering security and cost, and that it was different from Mr. Baek’s opinion.

It turned out that the Democratic Party’s intervention in the sky was not true, but criticized it for being obsessed with the forced shamanic frame.

[Kim Min-soo/People’s Power Spokesperson]
“The Democratic Party’s ongoing offensive of propaganda and incitement toward the presidential couple is virtually no different from a ‘declaration of disapproval of the presidential election’ that ignores the results of the referendum.”

The president’s office explained that it had no position to comment on this controversy.

This is MBC News Kim Min-chan.

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