Nearly 100 people died in wildfires… Paris Hilton on vacation in Hawaii

August 15, 2023 0 Comments

Paris Hilton, the heir of the world-class hotel chain ‘Hilton’토토사이트, was caught enjoying a vacation on the beach of Maui, Hawaii.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 14th (local time), Hilton was photographed enjoying summer vacation with her husband Carter Raum and 8-month-old son Alex on the beach on the island of Maui, Hawaii, where the worst bushfire in 100 years occurred. The last 8 days when the Hilton family arrived on the island of Maui is the day of the fire. The day after the fire, the Hawaii Tourism Board asked tourists to leave.

The photo was taken on the beach near a resort in Wailea, Maui on the 12th. The beach is 30 miles (about 48 km) from Lahaina, Maui, which has been hit the hardest by wildfires. In the southern Kihei area, 5 miles (about 8 km) from this beach, the fire was not completely contained even on the 13th.

Hawaii authorities have caused at least 96 deaths in wildfires that started on the 8th, and have requested several times to refrain from visiting the island of Maui for tourism purposes. The request was made so that victims who lost their homes could stay in hotels and other accommodations, and the authorities could focus on forest fire management.

However, an acquaintance of Hilton told the Daily Mail, “Hilton is helping the Maui fire disaster.”

However, there are still critical voices about visiting Hawaii as a vacation destination.

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa, born in Hawaii, refrained from traveling, saying on his Instagram, “Maui is not a place for you to vacation right now.” requested

Another Hawaiian actor, Dwayne Johnson, said, “By now, people all over the world will have known about the fire that hit Hawaii. Hawaii still needs a lot of help.”

A resident on Maui told the BBC : “Three days ago, our residents drowned in the sea (trying to escape a forest fire), and the next day, tourists swam in the same water.” No one is looking for fun in this tragedy.”

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