Napoli’s ‘140 billion man’ seems to return to the Champions League… ‘Thousands and thousands of horses’ in KIM

April 4, 2023 0 Comments

Kim Min-jae’s team, Italy Napoli, who suffered a bitter defeat by 0-4 to AC Milan, is smiling at the possibility of an early return of their leading striker.

It has been argued that Victor Osimen, the “100 million euro (140 billion won) man,” who is leading the Italian Serie A with 21 goals this season, is highly likely to play in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

Gianmarco Giordano, a journalist in charge of the Napoli club, said on the 4th, “Osimen appeared to be in a very slight muscle strain.” I’m looking at it,” he explained.카지노사이트

Giordano once became famous for predicting that Kim Min-jae and Hvitza Kvarazhelia would come to Naples on April 13 last year. At the time, the possibility of the two going to Naples was not considered high, but it came true. Now, the two are driving Napoli to its first Serie A title in 33 years.

Following his insistence, Osimen is more likely to play in Napoli’s next game.

Napoli will play an away match against Lecce on the 8th at 2:00 am in the 2022/23 season Serie A round 29, followed by an away match against AC Milan in San Siro, Milan, Italy at 4:00 am on the 13th in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

Then, on the 16th, at 1:00 am, Verona and Serie A home game, and on the 19th, 4:00 am, AC Milan and Champions League second leg home game.

Osimen injured his adductor muscle in his left thigh and was expected to take at least 15 to 20 days to recover. However, Osimen also explained in an interview that it was a small injury, and as a reporter specialized in Napoli came out, the possibility of reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League increased.

Without Osimen, Napoli lost 0-4 in the Serie A home game against AC Milan on the 2nd, destroying the pride of the team that built the league’s solo system this season.

Without Osimen, AC Milan also actively dug into the Napoli defense and eventually conceded a lot. He had an unforgettable nightmare in his soccer life, including making two big mistakes as Kim Min-jae.

However, if Osimen returns from the Champions League return match against AC Milan, the team as well as Kim Min-jae will be able to gain great strength.

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