“My son’s hand hit his friend’s cheek”… Statement from parents of Daejeon teacher perpetrators

September 13, 2023 0 Comments

Regarding a Daejeon elementary school teacher who made an extreme choice after suffering from malicious complaints, a parent who was identified as the perpetrator is being criticized by netizens for posting a statement saying that he is trying to correct the wrong information among the rumors.

Although this parent expressed his resentment at being labeled as the instigator of a malicious complaint, controversy is growing among netizens, who responded that the case of abuse of power by a deceased teacher previously disclosed by the Daejeon Teachers’ Union was true.

According to an online community today (12th), Parent A posted a post on the community on the afternoon of the 11th and said, “My child’s behavior has been strange since the beginning of the first semester of 2019,” and “I noticed symptoms of tic disorder toward the end of the second semester.” “I found out,” he said.

He said, “When I checked what happened at school, the child went to the principal’s office. While playing with a classmate, his hand got hit in the cheek. The teacher made my child and the friend who had been slapped stand in front of the class and apologized. “he added.

Mr. A claimed that the teacher had the child stand alone in front of the students and asked each person their opinion on what kind of punishment they should receive.

He said, “Even though the child was scared and struggling and was covering her ears with her hands, the teacher told her to put her hands down and sent her to the principal’s office. At my request, I interviewed the principal, the vice principal, and even the deceased teacher.”

Mr. A hugged the teacher who died here, asking him to avoid the ‘people’s trial-style punishment method’ and saying that he would send his child to school early.

He said, “Before the interview, I acknowledged the child’s mistake소닉카지노 to the teacher and instructed the child to apologize to the teacher, but the teacher took sick leave from the day after the interview until the end of the semester.”

He explained, “It was a difficult situation for the child to handle, and the teacher did not keep his promise, so we decided to report emotional child abuse. We opened a school abuse committee and requested that the teacher be excluded from being the homeroom teacher and assigned to a different floor from the child.”

The school violence committee was concluded under the condition that Mr. A’s demands were accepted, and Mr. A claimed that there was no personal contact or meeting other than filing a complaint with the Daejeon Office of Education when the deceased teacher was assigned to the classroom next to his son last year.

He repeatedly said, “I pray for the teacher’s peace,” but also claimed, “I never spoke informally to him, waited for him on his way home from work, harassed him, or prevented him from walking on the streets.”

As netizens complained less than an hour after the statement was released, the post soon disappeared.

However, Mr. A soon posted an additional post and explained, “I did not delete it. I don’t know why it was deleted. The content of the cheek was not about fighting, but about playing, so I expressed it that way.”

He said, “I wrote this without a lawyer, and I did not write it with the intention of suing the comments. I understand the malicious comments. There were many things I did not do, so I tried to express that.”

The teacher made an extreme choice at his home in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the 5th and was taken to the hospital, but died two days later on the 7th.

Afterwards, it became known among the teachers’ union, fellow teachers, and parents that this teacher had been suffering from malicious complaints from some parents for the past four years, and sharp reactions and exposure of personal information toward the parents identified as perpetrators continued.

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