Mother found daughter’s skeleton she killed 7 years ago with ‘baby doll’ 

July 7, 2023 0 Comments

In a vegetable garden in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, the skeletal body of a daughter buried seven years ago has been revealed. Her biological mother, who claimed that her child died and buried it in the garden, partially admitted to the charge during police investigation, saying안전놀이터, “I killed it because of economic difficulties.”On the afternoon of the 6th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Yeocheong Investigation Team went on-site inspection with mother A in her 40s in the garden of a private house in Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, and found some of the baby’s body in a state of white bones. It was a vegetable garden owned by her mother, who pointed out that Mr. A had buried her daughter secretly. Mr. A took her baby doll and went to the site verification.

Upon arriving at the scene, mother A, wearing a black hat and mask, said nothing and headed for the garden with her head bowed.

According to the police, Mr. A gave birth to her daughter, Miss B, at a hospital in Incheon on August 7, 2016. However, on the 6th or 7th day of her birth, she is accused of killing Miss B and burying her body in the garden.

City A originally claimed, “I was discharged from the hospital on the second day after giving birth and came home, but the child suddenly stopped breathing.”

However, when the police found the circumstances of the murder through further investigation, it was reported that they partially admitted the charges, saying, “I killed Miss B because of economic difficulties.” A police official explained, “I cannot tell you the specific details that led to the application of the crime of murder because it was judged that it could cause a copycat crime.”

A was separated from her ex-husband at the time of giving birth to Miss B and later divorced. She is currently raising her teenage son, her first, alone. However, she is said to be refusing to state whether her baby, who was buried seven years ago, is the child she had with her ex-husband. It is said that she made a statement to the police saying, “Her ex-husband would not have known that I had given birth to a baby and that I buried her in the dark.”

The police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A, adding murder charges to her charges of abandoning the body. The police requested an autopsy to determine whether the remains found that day match those of Miss B and the exact cause of death.

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