Japan’s Orix, who left Yoshida, recruited the Cubs’ Opening Day 5th hitter

December 12, 2022 0 Comments

Right-handed hitter Frank Schwindel (30) will step on the stage of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Japan’s Nikkan Sports announced on the 11th that ‘Orix will acquire Schwindel, who has recorded 22 home runs in his career in the Major League Baseball (MLB)’. Orix’s leading 토토 hitter Masataka Yoshida (29) was recently confirmed to transfer to the Boston Red Sox by using the posting system (private competitive bidding). Judging that it was necessary to strengthen the center batting line, he actively moved in the foreign player market and finally chose Schwindel.

Schwindel started as the fifth hitter and first baseman in the Chicago Cubs’ home game against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 8, the opening game of this season. He formed a cleanup trio with Wilson Contreras and Ian Happ. His season record was a batting average of 0.229 (62 hits in 271 at-bats) in 75 games, 8 home runs and 36 RBIs. Although he failed to keep up with last year’s performance (0.326 batting average, 14 home runs in 64 games), he was classified as a semi-predictable player among players with potential to advance to the Asian league.

Schwindel’s career (three years) in the big leagues was a batting average of 0.269 with 22 home runs and 79 RBIs. In the minor leagues, he played in 852 games for a total of 9 years, recording a batting average of 0.285, 136 homers and 552 RBIs.

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