“It’s savory and light”… First Lady Kim Geon-hee, ‘seafood mukbang’ at Gijang Market

September 14, 2023 0 Comments

First Lady Kim Kun-hee, who visited Busan with President Yoon Seok-yeol안전놀이터, visited Busan’s Gijang Market and went on a ‘seafood mukbang’.

On the 14th, ahead of the Chuseok holiday, Mrs. Kim visited Gijang Market in Busan and met with merchants and local residents. Residents welcomed Ms. Kim with signs that read, “Welcome to visit Mr. Kim.”

Mrs. Kim chatted while eating kelp at a seaweed store that sells seaweed stems, bear skin, etc. She then purchased flounder prepared by her boss at the raw fish center, and after sampling flounder and abalone, she commented, “It’s so savory and light” and “delicious.”

In addition, we looked at foods such as fruits and dried fish.

The President’s Office explained that Mrs. Kim’s visit to the market that day was aimed at encouraging citizens to purchase local agricultural, livestock and marine products.

October 2nd has been designated as a temporary public holiday, meaning that with the Chuseok holiday being extended, more people are hoping to visit local areas to purchase agricultural, livestock and marine products.

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