It finally exploded ‘Japan’s home run king’ home run in 78 at-bats in 18 games… season 3 cannon

May 4, 2023 0 Comments

Japan’s home run king Murakami Munetaka (23. Yakult Swallows) finally hit a home run.

He hit his third home run of the season in a whopping 18 games and 78 at bats.

Murakami was in a deep slump this season. His batting average hovered around 10% and his strikeout rate was over 200. Not a home run, only strikeouts were accumulated in each game.

Then a room exploded. He threw a shot just when the team needed it.

In an away game against the Yomiuri Giants held at the Tokyo Dome on the 4th, Murakami hit fourth and third base and hit a home run in the fourth at-bat in the seventh inning.

This is Murakami, who walked in the first at-bat and had a heavy hit in the second at-bat.

However, even though the third at-bat in the 5th inning was an RBI opportunity with 1 out, 1st and 3rd bases, he had to bow his head as he withdrew with a strikeout. Until now, there was no hope in sight.

However, in his fourth at-bat, he hit his first home run since the first inning against Yokohama DeNA (Jingu Stadium) on April 11.

A home run in only 78 at-bats in 18 games.

With this one shot, he even completed a multi-hit. The multi-hit is the third this season after the match against Chunichi on April 5 (Vanterin Dome).안전놀이터

Murakami, who won three batting crowns last year and hit his 56th home run, the most in Japan, earned a worldwide reputation.

He hit a home run in the opening game, raising premature expectations that he could challenge the record this season as well. However, he suffered a severe blow and suffered great disappointment.

He hit only two home runs in 27 games. Conversely, the number of strikeouts was 41 (as of the 3rd), showing a new record pace for strikeouts. His batting average was only 0.156.

It remains to be seen if a cool shot that has been bursting for a long time can lead to an escape from the slump.

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