‘Isn’t Holland the No. 1 player in the EPL?’… then who the hell

March 30, 2023 0 Comments

Elling Holland (Manchester City) is eating the so-called English Premier League (EPL) this season. He is a monster striker who is being reborn as the best striker in the world beyond the EPL.

Haaland roared this season, breaking various scoring records. Currently, he is the sole top scorer with 28 goals.

Manchester City, of course, pay a high wage for this monstrous striker. And many people misunderstand that Holland is the number one EPL weekly wager beyond Man City. But no. Holland is the 2nd place in the EPL week. And he’s second on the team.

England’s ‘The Sun’ released the top 5 EPL weekly wages as of the 30th (Korean time), and Holland ranked second with a weekly wage of 402.25 million pounds (677 million won).

So, who is number 1?

It is his teammate, EPL’s best midfielder, and world’s best midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne. He recorded 425,000 pounds (681.6 million won) and ran first in the EPL. It is a weekly nodding head. Having reigned as the best midfielder in the EPL for the past few years, he is the sole top player with 12 assists this season.

David de Gea (Manchester United) was tied for second with Haaland at £402,250. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Jadon Sancho (Manchester United) received a weekly wage of £373.75 million (KRW 599.4 million) and were tied for fourth place.

The media explained,메이저사이트 “The EPL’s highest annual salary is not Holland. It is The Bruiner. The Bruiner is receiving £425,000 by extending his contract with Manchester City two years ago until 2025.”

The media continued, “Except for Manchester, Salah is the only one in the top 5. And Sancho, who is 5th, surprises many. All the other four players have performed outstandingly, but Sancho has not yet shown that.” added.

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