Is that the first appearance after 1493 days… ‘Rehabilitation only 4 years’ 23-year-old prospect, even his personality has changed

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There is a 23-year-old pitcher whose career was a history of pain. He underwent four years of rehabilitation after elbow surgery, twice as long as others, but it turns out that his arm was in pain long before the surgery. Was it because I was numb? He did not show any emotional agitation even after 1493 first-team appearances.

kt left-handed pitcher Jeon Jeon-joo scored meaningful ⅔ innings against LG in Jamsil on the 16th. On April 14, 2019, in the first team appearance in 1493 days since the Daegu Samsung match, Oh Ji-hwan struck out on a swing and pitcher Min-seong Kim caught a ground ball. It was the moment when a prospect from the first nomination in 2019 re-imprinted his name, which had been forgotten by kt fans.

After his pro debut, more time was spent in his rehabilitation. He underwent elbow surgery in September of that year after appearing in four games for the first team in 2019, when he was a rookie. During his rehabilitation period, he also served in the army, but the pain was still there. The rehabilitation that I spent like that continued for 4 years. The LG match in Jamsil on the 16th was the exit of a seemingly endless tunnel.

Jeon Do-joo showed an unexpected reaction.

He started talking with a calm face, saying, “It’s fun even before I went up, I thought I wanted to go up once, but the opportunity to throw came. It was fun. The game went really well. kt overturned the game, which had been dragged 0-4 in the first inning. Jeon Jeon-joo took the mound with a lead of 11-7. I wanted to go up, so I went up. I played the game as I was doing and the result came out well.”

Even when I look back at the time when I started rehabilitation, my indifferent face was the same. Jeon Jeon-joo said, “I came to the pro with high expectations, and there were many hyungs like (Kim) Min-hyung and (Kang) Baek-ho-hyung who showed immediate results. I think it’s time to grow up,” he said.

He said, “My original personality wasn’t like this. I had a lot of awareness that I had to show it. But looking back, I think I just accepted the situation.

Regarding the excruciatingly long rehabilitation, “At first, I tried to do something while rehabilitating, but I thought it couldn’t be done. It didn’t go well,” he said.

It wasn’t like this from the beginning. Jeon Jeon-joo said, “I was constantly in pain. It seems that it hasn’t been long since I threw 100%. I think it will be okay if I adapt a little more.” Because I was four years old, there was a sense of frustration. It wasn’t easy,” he confessed.

He also said,안전놀이터 “I used to stop doing it in the middle, thinking what if I get sick, but now I think it’s all part of my body. Still, when asked if he hadn’t received congratulatory messages from those around him, he said, “My parents told me that they had a hard time, and my friends also contacted me that they had a hard time.” His expression was still the same. His face seemed to say that coming back was not the problem, but that continuing to play an active part in the first team was more important.

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