‘Individual highest 6 on base’ Lee Jung-hoo we knew is back

June 8, 2023 0 Comments

Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) has completely regained his true self.

Lee Jung-hoo,토토사이트 who is also the son of LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom, a KBO league legend, made his professional debut in 2017 in the Heroes’ uniform. After receiving the Rookie of the Year award that year, he quickly grew into a superstar in the KBO League, winning the Golden Glove for five consecutive years from 2018 to 2022. Until last year, the KBO league’s career performance was a batting average of 0.342, 59 home runs, and 470 RBIs, with an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.902.

Lee Jung-hoo, who is planning to challenge the American professional baseball Major League (MLB) through the posting system after this season, based on these performances. However, he suffered from extreme sluggishness at the beginning of the year. His performance for the month of April was a batting average of 0.218 with 3 homers, 13 RBIs and 11 runs scored. These figures did not match Lee Jung-hoo at all. He changed his batting form to hit the fast balls of big league pitchers, but the main reason was that he did not adapt well.

However, despite these results, director Hong Won-ki Kiwoom was not in a hurry at all. Over the past time, director Hong has expressed his intention to not worry at all and has given Lee Jung-hoo strength.

In this belief, Lee Jung-hoo began to rebound slowly. He returned to his original batting form and posted a batting average of 0.305, 1 home run, 12 RBIs and 14 runs in May.

And in the game against Gocheok LG on the 7th, where he started as the third hitter and center fielder, Lee Jung-hoo’s bat turned fiercely. In the bottom of the first inning, with no runners and no runners, he hit the 6-pitch changeup of starting pitcher Adam Plutko, who had an ERA of 1.88 with an ERA of 8 wins and no losses before this game, and scored an infield hit to the first baseman. Unfortunately, he failed to score due to a misfire on the follow-up.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, where the two teams were tied 1-1, Lee Jung-hoo’s sense of hitting flared up even more. Leading hitter Park Chan-hyeok turned to center fielder fly, appeared at bat, pulled Plutko’s 4-ball 140km body cutter, and drew a solo arch over the right wall. It was Lee Jung-hoo’s 6th gun of the season, and the distance was measured at 110m.

As the first batter in the bottom of the 6th inning, he pulled Plutko’s 4-pitch slider and hit a double that fell to the right of the right fielder. Lee Jung-hoo, who stepped home on Song Seong-moon’s 1 RBI and left-handed hit at the right time, then went on base with walks in the bottom of the 8th and 9th innings and the bottom of the 12th overtime. succeeded in In addition, at the end of the 12th inning, Kim Soo-hwan’s two-run four homered and scored the third run of the day.

The final result was 3 hits, 1 home run, 1 RBI, 3 walks and 3 runs in 3 at-bats. Unfortunately, he failed to hit a triple and his cycling hit was canceled. Previously, there were 14 total with 5 on base. In addition, Lee Jung-hoo recorded a batting average of 0.290 for the season, and a breakthrough in the 30% batting average was just around the corner.

After a bloody battle that lasted until the end of the 12th inning, Kiwoom could not decide the game 5-5 with LG. However, Kiwoom has gained a strong support force called ‘Resurrected Lee Jung-hoo’, which is more valuable than the victory high. This is the most important factor in the rebound of Kiwoom, which is currently tied for 8th place with 22 wins, 1 draw and 33 losses.

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