“If you succeed, 2 billion won” to a colleague at the detention center… Kim “Lime” Bong-hyeon tried to escape again

July 5, 2023 0 Comments

It was revealed that Kim Bong-hyun (49), former chairman of Star Mobility, who is imprisoned for the main culprit of the ‘Lime Crisis’, plans to escape again. Prosecutors are investigating the specific circumstances by securing the recruit of the former chairman Kim’s sister on suspicion of helping the plan.

According to the legal community on the 4th, the 6th detective division of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Lee Jun-dong) arrested former chairman Kim’s older sister, 51-year-old Kim (51), the previous day on charges of assisting the escape of detainees, who helped former chairman Kim plan to escape last month.

Fleeing assistance is a crime that is established when a detained person is kidnapped or made to flee.

After running away once last year and being caught안전놀이터, former chairman Kim was sentenced to 30 years in prison and a fine of 76.9 billion won for embezzlement and fraud of 125.8 billion won in the first trial in February this year.

Former chairman Kim, who is imprisoned in a detention center in southern Seoul, was caught by the prosecution while preparing to run away with his older sister Kim after making a plan to escape by taking advantage of poor security when he went to trial for the second trial.

Former chairman Kim asked for help from an inmate at the same detention center, saying, “If you succeed in breaking out, I will give you 2 billion won.”

Former Chairman Kim’s escape plan was revealed when an acquaintance informed the prosecution of this fact. However, prosecutors found that there was no actual escape attempt.

Former Chairman Kim was released on bail and tried without detention on November 11, 2018, but was arrested by the prosecution on December 29, 48 days after turning off his electronic device and running away. His older sister, Mr. Kim, has been under investigation by the prosecution for allegedly supporting the escape through acquaintances at the time (instructor to escape the criminal).

Kim, who was staying in the United States, helped escape by connecting Mr. Hong (48), his lover, Mr. Kim (46), an entertainment agency official, and former chairman Kim through Telegram and KakaoTalk.

The prosecution believes that when Mr. Hong and others made a call to Mr. Kim using the Kakao Talk Boy Stock function, Mr. Kim turned on the speaker phone function and connected another mobile phone connected to former Chairman Kim.

At the end of November of last year, the prosecution issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Kim on suspicion of being an escapist, and induced him to return to Korea by invalidating his passport. Mr. Kim, who returned to Korea in February or March of this year, was arrested once on charges of aiding criminals and was released.

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