Identification of ‘taxi driver sexually harassing female passenger’… Police “to investigate the identity of the suspect”

July 25, 2023 0 Comments

The police identified the female passenger who sexually harassed키톤벳 the taxi driver and started a full-scale investigation.

According to the Yeosu Police Station in Jeollanam-do on the 25th, the identity of female passenger A (20s), who was identified as a suspect in sexual harassment by a taxi driver in Ungcheon-dong, Yeosu-si, was identified that day.

Since Mr. A’s identity has been confirmed, the police plan to adjust the schedule and call him as a suspect sooner or later for investigation.

The police are considering the exact circumstances of the incident based on the taxi black box video analysis and the driver’s statement, while considering whether to apply forcible harassment charges against Mr. A. We plan to conduct an investigation while leaving open the possibility of a planned crime aiming at settlement money.

A police official said, “As soon as the investigation is completed, we plan to book him without detention.”

On the 17th, the police received a complaint from taxi driver B (64), and after tracking for the 8th day, the police caught Mr. A at a branch residence about 300m away from the location where he got off on the day of the incident.

Given that two months had passed since the incident, the investigation was slow due to difficulties such as securing CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, Mr. B’s complaint contained the content that he was sexually harassed after picking up Mr. A at a downtown street in Yeosu school district around 1 am on May 24th.

Upon arriving at her destination, Mr. A did not get out of the taxi and suddenly said, “Please touch her leg,” and pulled Mr. B’s arm several times and sexually harassed her.

At the time, it was reported that Mr. A continued to make unreasonable demands, saying things such as “I will not report it to the police, so don’t worry” and “I am not a flower snake”.

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