I ordered ramen and passed out… Taiwanese ‘Godzilla Ramen’ with crocodile legs

June 29, 2023 0 Comments

In Taiwan, ramen with a rather shocking appearance is gaining huge popularity. It is ‘Godzilla Ramen’ with a crocodile leg on a bowl of noodles as a topping.

On the 28th (local time), Britain’s Daily Mail reported that “a restaurant in Taiwan presented a ‘brave dish that is difficult for anyone to try’, and netizens’ reactions were mixed.” On the same day, Indian media NDTV also reported, “This unique and strange dish uses bizarre ingredients and is gaining popularity locally.”

The price per bowl of ‘Godzilla Ramen’ is about 63,000 won. According to the photo released by the restaurant, the ramen is a crocodile leg next to various ingredients such as corn, quail eggs, shrimp, and meat. According to the restaurant, it features protruding crocodile legs안전놀이터 that appear to be crawling out of a bowl full of noodles and broth.

In an interview with the local media, a person in charge of this restaurant said, “Since there is a menu made with special broth, I thought I should make ramen using crocodile meat.” he explained.

He added, “At first, I thought of adding the head of the crocodile, but decided to add only the legs.” He added, “To catch the fishy taste of the crocodile meat, I used special seasonings such as onions, thoughts, and garlic.”

Godzilla Ramen was not found immediately after its release. However, as related content such as “creative attempts” and “foods you must try when traveling” spread through social media , it is gaining popularity around YouTubers and influencers.

However, some netizens showed negative reactions such as “It doesn’t look good in appearance”, “Is there any reason to eat crocodile like that”, “The result of excessive creativity”.On the other hand, on the 3rd of last month, a Taiwanese ramen shop also became a hot topic by introducing ramen using deep-sea isopods called ‘sea cockroaches’ as food ingredients. The restaurant explained, “If you eat the white meat cooked with steam, you can feel the texture and aroma of lobster and crab.” “The overall taste is unexpectedly fresh and sweet.”

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