I had a generational change, but the director resigned… New worries of ‘Jeonbuk Jeonjeon’

May 9, 2023 0 Comments

The head left without completing the generation change. 

The remaining Jeonbuk Hyundai squad is highly likely to face another change under the newly appointed coach. Jeonbuk’s 2023 season is still unstable.

Jeonbuk recently broke up with manager Kim Sang-shik. Coach Kim left Jeonbuk after resigning twice when it was judged that he could not see any further breakthrough due to poor performance.

After wearing the Jeonbuk uniform in 2009, coach Kim put an end to his 15-year long journey as a player, coach, and manager. 

With coach Kim stepping down, Jeonbuk played an away game in the 11th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against FC Seoul on the 5th with head coach Kim Doo-hyun as acting manager. They improved their defense and won a 1-1 draw. 

The pending issue that Jeonbuk needs to resolve immediately is the selection of a new coach. But I also had other concerns. This is the aftermath of the extensive team reorganization carried out by coach Kim last winter.

Jeonbuk recruited a large number of young players in order to regain the top of the K-League 1 last winter and to strengthen their strength for the next 3 to 5 years. In addition to bringing in national striker Lee Dong-joon from the German Bundesliga, players such as Jeong Tae-wook, Jung Woo-jae, Kim Gun-woong, and Lee Subin were recruited. 

In addition to this, top-notch young players from the K-League 2, such as Oh Jae-hyuk and Jeong Min-ki, were also brought in. In addition, foreign players with experience in the K-League and Asian stages, such as Jun Amano, Hafa Silva, and Andre Lewis, have been fully reinforced. 

At the same time, Lee Yong, Lee Seung-gi, Kim Bo-kyung, and other veteran players who have brought glory to Jeonbuk over the past 10 years and resources to be sorted out, and spurred the generational change. Other than Choi Cheol-soon and Hong Jeong-ho, there are no players who have shared the past history of Jeonbuk. 

However, coach Kim’s power reorganization drive ended with his resignation after two and a half months this season. Athletes floated in the air. The team is tightly united inside and outside the club in a chaotic atmosphere, but it is unknown how the newly appointed coach’s style will match the players brought by coach Kim.

If a new manager comes, the whirlpool from Jeonbuk could be stirred up once more in the summer transfer market. Coach Kim also regretted the absence of an experienced midfielder right before being sacked.

In the soccer world,메이저사이트 it is expected that the extent of the reorganization of Jeonbuk’s power will change depending on whether a Korean coach comes as a successor or a foreign coach returns.

It is said that the speed of change will not accelerate if a Korean coach who knows Korean players well comes.

In such an atmosphere, Jeonbuk will also play an away game against Suwon Samsung, which is in a ‘dongbyungsangryeon’ situation where the manager has recently been hardened and new manager Kim Byung-soo has come. This match is also the debut match for coach Kim in Suwon.

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