Homeroom teacher fainted after being assaulted by ‘Please change my seat’… Still, “don’t report it to the police.”

September 6, 2023 0 Comments

Last June, it was belatedly revealed that a high school student in Gwangju assaulted his homeroom teacher because he was unhappy with his seat assignment. The female teacher lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, and the male student was expelled.

According to the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education on the 5th, on the morning of June 30th, in a second-grade classroom at a high school in Gwangju, A (16) assaulted teacher B, the homeroom teacher, several times with his fists on the face and other parts of the body.

At that time, the class in question was in the process of assigning seats in the classroom during the first period by drawing lots. Person A complained to Teacher B, saying that he was not assigned to the position he had hoped for.

Teacher B said, “I can’t change places because I have a promise with my classmates,” and Student A, who was enraged, swung his fist at Teacher B 2-3 times.

The assault reportedly lasted for about five minutes in the classroom. In the end, Teacher B, who collapsed, was taken to the hospital by the 119 ambulance dispatched after reports from other students and teachers. Teacher B, who was hospitalized at the time, is said to have recovered his health안전놀이터.

The school reported the relevant information to the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education on the day of the incident, and held a meeting of the Educational Rights Protection Committee on July 5, five days later, and decided to expel Student A.

The Committee for the Protection of Academic Rights may issue sanctions ranging from No. 1 (school service) to No. 6 (transfer) to No. 7 (expulsion) for students who infringe on educational activities. Teacher B was provided with medical expenses and special vacations. However, no police report was made.

Regarding the fact that a police report was not made, the city office of education reportedly explained that it was not required and that it was not filed because Teacher B, who had reached an agreement with Person A, did not wish to do so. The church authorities then announced that they would take measures to prevent the infringement from recurring.

Previously, the Ministry of Education announced on the 1st that the ‘Notice on Teachers’ Guidance of Students’ will be applied to schools.

According to the notice, elementary, middle, and high school teachers will be able to separate students who disrupt class to different seats in the classroom or to a designated area outside the classroom in order to guarantee the teacher’s right to teach and the right to learn of other students. If a student continues to interfere with educational activities even though he or she is separated more than twice a day, he or she may be handed over to a guardian for home learning.

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